When a child is a child, is it fat or thin? Experts spoke

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When a child is a child, is it fat or thin? Experts spoke

2018-12-10 10:25:43 306 ℃

Xiaoya’s children are not fat when they are born. As they grow older, they grow thinner and thinner. Xiaoya has always worried about whether the child will be malnourished and ask people how to give fat to the children. Later, I met colleagues on the road. The children of my colleagues and my children were almost the same, but the weight was more than 30 kilograms, but my colleague told her that she had used all the methods to lose weight for her children. I am really worried that the fat will affect the height of the child. When I hear this, Xiaoya feels that the child is not thin. Parents always seem to be like this. The child is always thinner and wants to make him fat. The child is fat and wants to make him thinner. So when the child is a child, is it fat or thin? What is the standard for not being fat or thin? Here we take a look.

Fat kids

People often say that they are born in white and fat, visible, most People think that children are fat, but if they are fat, it is easy to have various health problems. Obesity will increase the child's physical burden and affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, parents worry that fat children are not high. And obesity also affects the child's athletic ability and image, which tends to cause the child to feel inferior, but as the height grows, the fat child may slowly become "sturdy", but it may become fatter. Parents are needed to help their children control their weight.

Skinny children

The old saying goes, "It’s hard to buy old and thin," but it can also Used in children, children and the elderly actually have many similarities, one body has not yet fully developed, and the other body functions to degenerate, in fact, it represents the development is incomplete, expert research found that the body of the body is too thin The burden is small and often healthier, so parents don't have to worry about losing weight. In fact, when children are young, they are a little thinner.

How much is best?

Although the child is a little thinner, it can't be too thin. Too thin is easy to cause malnutrition, but it will hinder the body's development. Is there a standard for the child's weight? For children aged 6-16, the standard weight = age × 2+8, the normal weight range is between plus or minus 20% of this weight, parents can use this method to roughly measure whether their child's weight is up to standard.

How to control?

Controlling your child's weight can be done in two ways. On the one hand, it controls the child's diet. Parents should pay attention to the number and number of children's daily meals, and do a good job of nutrition balance. The child's exercise, proper exercise can manage the body and exercise, parents can give the child an interest class to help children develop a sports hobby.

Parents, are your children fat or thin? Do you think that when a child is small, is it fat or thin? Welcome to discuss with everyone.