Why are some parents now reluctant to send their children to public kindergartens? Some people still don’t know

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Why are some parents now reluctant to send their children to public kindergartens? Some people still don’t know

2018-12-10 20:25:32 306 ℃

Guide reading: Nowadays, many parents choose the kindergarten as the first choice for kindergartens. Why is this?

The rise of today's society, kindergartens are no longer like our childhood kindergartens, or simple nurseries. The kindergartens are now diverse, Montessori Park, bilingual parks, public parks, and some smaller private kindergartens. Many parents are reluctant to send their children to the public park. I think there are several reasons.

First, there are too few public kindergartens, and they have been in a state of "more porridge", parents have to do it.

Second, the number of private kindergartens is large, the selectivity is also large, and the market is large. Many parents may choose bilingual or pure international kindergartens because they have certain requirements for their children, such as wanting their children to develop better in English.

Third, choose kindergarten, many times parents not only consider the hardware and software facilities of the kindergarten, but also consider the distance from home. After all, the children are relatively small, the kindergarten is too far away from home, for children and parents. The transfer is not convenient, so many parents like to enter the park nearby.

Four, there are many other kindergartens with matching kindergartens. Parents are convenient for pick-up and better care for children. Private kindergarten in the community.

V. Some parents are influenced by Montessori, and they are more admired of Montessori education, so they will choose to go to Montessori kindergarten.

Six, public kindergartens must follow the "3-6 Children's Learning and Development Guide", so less knowledge of teaching children Most of them are mainly play, and many parents want their children to learn from kindergarten, so they will choose to go to private kindergartens and learn some knowledge.

Key Tips: Whether the parents choose a public or private kindergarten, the most important thing is to see if the kindergarten is good for the child’s physical and mental health and give the child a happy childhood. .

Today's topic: Do you choose a public kindergarten or a private kindergarten for your child?