These "earth" methods that may hurt your baby, have you used a few to your baby?

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These "earth" methods that may hurt your baby, have you used a few to your baby?

2018-12-11 10:25:36 440 ℃

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A lot of new parents, when they are just born, may have met some older relatives or the elderly at home. When the baby is born to the baby, the remedies passed down by the ancestors will grow smarter than other children, and then the second cousin of a distant aunt’s family just used the child. The newly-born Bao Ma Bao dad had no experience, and listened to the guidance of the elders to make a lot of inexplicable earthwork for the children. But in many cases, these soil methods are not scientifically based, and there is no actual effect or even some accidental injury to the baby.

Let’s take a look at some of the earth's recipes that are not recommended for children.?

One, fear that the child will not produce milk after the child, and squeeze the nipple for the child

This is a lot of happening In the female baby's body, there are folk customs. When the baby is born for a month, the baby should be squeezed with a nipple, so that the nipple will not fall without the milk after the child grows up. This argument is that there is no scientific basis for medical advice. Newborns are stimulated by progesterone in their mothers. Breasts occasionally have milky or light yellow liquid secretions. Even under the nipples, induration can be felt. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Special treatment, the child's contact with the mother weakened after birth, this phenomenon will naturally disappear. Squeezing a child's nipples does not help the child's nipple development. The baby's delicate skin and strong nipples are likely to cause inflammation and even fever in the child's bacterial infection.

Second, fearing that the child is not comfortable talking, and cutting the tongue to the child

Some places are used to cutting off a line under the child's tongue when the child is still young, saying that the child will learn quickly. This kind of statement is very useful in the eyes of the older generation, so now in a large hospital, it is possible to encounter a family dedicated to cutting the roots of the doll. Is there any way to give a definitive answer to this method, but it is worth noting that this method is very dangerous! The child is still small, it is impossible to open his mouth and let the doctor cut it under his tongue, and the line under the tongue is very thin and almost in contact with the tongue, and only has a width of 3 to 4 mm, in the process of cutting. It is very possible for a child to struggle to cut the tongue. Lin Lin had just given birth to a big fat boy. The mother-in-law insisted on cutting the tongue to the grandson. How to persuade him to use Lin Lin’s husband when he was a child, and finally took his son to the hospital to cut it. He didn’t expect to accidentally give the tongue. The little doll's mouth full of blood, scared the whole family to death, and finally the child could not drink grandmother for half a whole month. The tongue would hurt when he tried hard. He watched his son lose weight every day and could hurt Lin Lin. .

Three, trim the eyelashes for the child

People have big eyes and water, so many parents want their children's eyelashes to be longer. Many parents have heard that children are not stereotyped when they are young. They can trim the eyelashes more and more. The child's eyelashes will become thick and long like a hair, like a Barbie doll. It is highly inappropriate for parents to do this. First, the length of the child's eyelashes is largely determined by the genetic factors of the parents. The growth cycle of the eyelashes of the second person is particularly short, and the month will change for one round, so the parents give the child It is useless to trim the eyelashes. The human eye is very fragile, the most avoiding those sharp things are close, the baby is moving, and an accidental scissors will cut the child's eyes and affect the child's vision.

The child is ready for healthy growth and development in the mother's stomach. The new parents should not be too nervous, so that the child's natural growth is the best for the child. protection.

I am Qi Lijuan, a senior nurse, who has been in the field of infant education for 17 years, the head of the kindergarten, and I am also the mother of 3 children. If you have problems with parenting, you can Leave a message telling me that I hope some of my parenting experience can help you.