4 pictures tell you that the funny three-person sleeping position in winter is very image!

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4 pictures tell you that the funny three-person sleeping position in winter is very image!

2018-12-11 10:25:40 1186 ℃

The weather is getting colder and colder. Although there is heating or air conditioning in the house, it can't resist the temperature falling outside. On the long winter night, before I went to sleep, the family wanted to get into the bed early. Sometimes, the child who was sleeping was shouting cold, and went to the adult's bedroom. A family of three winter sleeping postures, full screen are laughing, is your home the same?

First, the adult shivered, the child sweated back

The old saying goes, the child is the body of pure yang. Compared with adults, their ability to resist the cold is much stronger. The same quilt, the adults shiver, the children are the rhythm of washing the sauna, which makes us afraid that the cold stars doubt life. In the winter, the psychological quality of parents should be too hard, don't give your child a thick quilt, or you will definitely play a quilt in the middle of the night! Adults can't wake up in time, and the child will catch a cold in minutes!

Tips: In order to avoid the bad things happening, it is recommended to cover the quilt for the child to be thinner than the adult. Or wear a winter sleeping bag for your child and put a thin quilt on it.

Second, Bao Dad became a warm weapon

A family of three, to fight firepower, second only to the children, non-Bao father is none other than. As a magical creature that is warm in winter and cool in summer, Bao Da has to start to glow and heat up. The cool ankles can be warmed up to Bao’s body. Bao Da is a huge warm baby. what! After a hard day's work, this time, I can also use my warm feet to find my husband, and the picture can be said to be very warm.

Of course, it’s a bit unfair to get a blind request. When the weather is too cold, you can also prepare a hot water bottle. Two people in the bed are using their feet to grab hot water bottles, which is quite fun!

Three, Bao Ma becomes a happy sandwich biscuit

Children sleep with adults. The most common sleeping position in most families is: the child is in the middle, the adults are on both sides. In fact, this arrangement is not the best arrangement. The better way is to make Bao Ma a happy "sandwich biscuit". It is not recommended that the child sleep in the middle! The reasons are as follows:

First, the child is sleeping in the middle, and the air is not fresh. The carbon dioxide produced by the breathing of the adults on both sides flocks to the middle. It is not healthy for young children. Secondly, the child sleeps in the middle and gets more calories. It is easy to get hot and kick the quilt, but it is easy to catch cold. In fact, It is best to let the mother sleep in the middle, can take care of the child in time, while the couple can sleep to increase the intimacy, but also relieve the negative emotions of the mother's backlog.

Four, don't touch my hair (small tidbits)

In the winter, after shower The hair is dry slowly, and when I blow it half dry, I lie down. The mother and the niece are scattered at the same time, and they have a few big characters on their heads: don't touch my hair! Bao Dad had to lie on his side, inner os: two golden lions...

Haha, no matter how cold the weather, a family The happiness of three cuddling together is the warmest existence. What do you think?

Interaction: Winter is coming, is there any change in your sleeping position? Welcome to share your message in the comment area.