How many times can I enter the delivery room? Listening to the experience of people, pregnant mothers have a spectrum!

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How many times can I enter the delivery room? Listening to the experience of people, pregnant mothers have a spectrum!

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The most embarrassing thing after pregnancy, I am afraid that is the day of childbirth. Many pregnant mothers know that for the sake of the baby and myself, when they usually choose to give birth, but the pain of the legendary birth, the pregnant mothers are discouraged.

In fact, the process of delivery is not as terrible as pregnant moms imagine, how many pregnant women are there every day Everyone is born safely and smoothly, and as long as we understand the process of birth, the "ghost door" for giving birth to children is not so terrible.

I believe that every pregnant mother has heard of the so-called "opening a few fingers", let's introduce the "open finger" process of this production!

The so-called opening of a few fingers is actually the size of the opening of the uterus, from one finger to ten fingers, that is, from about one centimeter to ten centimeters. From the beginning of the expansion of the uterus, the pregnant mother will feel the pain caused by intermittent contractions, and then with the expansion of the cervix, the cervix gradually opens to ten fingers, which is about ten centimeters, and the baby can be delivered smoothly.

So, from opening one finger to opening ten fingers, it can be said that the whole baby is born.

First, open one finger

When a finger is opened, the pregnant mother will usually be in her own home. At this time, she will feel some pain in her stomach. This is a sign of Baomei’s labor. This process does not necessarily last long, so pregnant mothers don't have to worry too much.

@鹿鹿: I know that I have to start, I can choose to take a bath at home and prepare for the delivery. Contact your family, get ready to go to the hospital, and wait for your regular contractions before going to the hospital.

Second, open three fingers

When you open the three fingers, you can enter the labor room. The next process will be more painful. From this time to the full opening of the palace mouth may be After 4-8 hours, the pregnant mother still needs to save her strength.

@西西妈: When driving three fingers, this painful pregnant mother can still bear it, but often feel very anxious, because the doctor may tell you that it is still early to be born.

Three, four to seven fingers

The pain at this time is already very high. Every time a woman contracts, she will feel severe pain and pressure from the abdomen and back. This time Pregnant women can try breathing exercises and try to relax themselves.

In addition, the second-born mother will be on the bed at this time, because the process behind the second-born mother will be faster. some.

@落离: I felt that I was so confused that I didn’t have the ability to think, but I heard the doctor say that I opened the seven fingers, just want to take a look at my husband, I don’t want to be born!

Four, open eight to ten fingers

At this stage, the frequency of contractions will increase further, and it can reach two or three minutes, each time lasting one and a half minutes. It can be said that A very painful stage. However, the pregnant mother does not have to be too scared, this process will not be particularly long, when the contraction is suspended, the pregnant mother can eat something to add strength.

When the cervix is ​​fully open, the fetus will slowly come out and the doctor will help the baby to deliver it smoothly. This process is usually 30 minutes to two hours. If it is a second child, this process may take only five minutes to an hour.

@我爱: This process is the most painful, and very labor-intensive, but it is important to cooperate with the doctor's instructions Learn to use force, which will make the production process smoother.

In the final stage, after the baby comes out, the placenta is then peeled off, the membrane and amniotic fluid are excreted, and the delivery process is over. The process of having a baby is really painful, but with a normal mindset, using a scientific way to spend, the pain will be much reduced, and think about the cute baby you will see, you will feel that everything is worth it. !