When the child ate, I lost the starting line at the beginning.

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When the child ate, I lost the starting line at the beginning.

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(This article is a friend dictation, I recorded it in comics)

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Little Panpan was a child, grandma couldn’t help but must The reason for feeding is "the child just doesn't have the heart to eat the meal, actually can eat it", "you don't need to have a morning meal, grow up naturally", and she will think "eat white rice, long white meat", what? Not as good as white rice, my mother thinks that the nutrition of rice soup is better than that of breast milk...

However, the matter of raising children is based on my opinion. The facts also prove that children can eat well by themselves. After the birth of a younger sister, no one wants to feed after one year of eating. Even Grandma is very convinced that the child does eat very well.

But some families raise the baby is the old man has the final say, eat complementary food for three months, eat salt when he is half a year old, and the child is still eating rotten noodles and rotten rice when he is over one year old. Some children have too much diet, which makes the child very picky eaters, only eat fine-grain food, otherwise they will vomit. Insufficient facial muscle exercise leads to unclear speech, and a few years old to speak and sneeze.

The WHO World Health Organization believes that children can basically eat adult meals after they are one year old. There must be rhythm and steps when adding complementary foods. The shape and traits of food must change.

Children eat, eat more than just meals, but refine the movements, the development of the hands and the brains echo each other, just as important. Just like a child eating breast milk, not just breast milk, but the need and security of sucking.

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