The baby was tied to the leggings when he was born. Why? Whether the benefits are more or more bad.

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The baby was tied to the leggings when he was born. Why? Whether the benefits are more or more bad.

2018-12-12 20:25:31 1042 ℃

Introduction: The newborn baby is tied to the leggings. How does this affect the child?

Ms. Chen said that her child was born, and her mother-in-law tied her hands to her leggings and tied it into a candle bag. She said that she was afraid of the leg and asked if we had this situation. Many mothers replied that this has happened, and the doctor came directly to the person.

End of the mother: The doctor said that affecting the child's development, do not tie.

Sweet mother: My family’s big treasure is also tied up, and the children are uncomfortable. The small arms and the calves are tied up and used.

Ball Mama: My baby was just born a few days ago, my hands are always shrinking, my mother-in-law tied the baby’s hands and feet with a strap, and the doctor came to train. Dun, said that the child's hands and feet are very normal.

The oily smoke is not sticky: my baby was born, my hand always came out of the sleeve and put it on my chest. My mother took the cloth strip and tied it to the sleeve. The doctor said us.

Heart and mother: My baby is also shrinking her hands, her sleeves are empty, and her mother-in-law has tied her hands.

Looking at this, the situation of this newborn’s tied hands and feet is really quite a lot. I really don’t see it, but I’m scared.

The phenomenon of tying "candle packs" here has disappeared, and old people have new ones. Parenting concept, knowing this way is very bad. In the past, when I got married, I bought two long red belts. There are two uses. When I was married, I used a lucky one. When I was a child, I used to tie my hands to leggings.

Why is there a practice of tying leggings?

1, because when the baby is born, he will always be surprised. Once he hears a loud voice, both hands will be shocked and then "sow wow" The voice is terrible, and the cry is not intercepted.

2, the baby is easily affected by the outside world, it is very difficult to sleep, if you pull the baby's hand, he will sleep very well, if the hand is in a free state, the baby is not easy to fall asleep.

3, the baby's hands are not honest, always like to grab his face, his nails are more profitable, the skin on his face is relatively tender, often grabbing a trace of the face. The old people said that the place where the child's hand was caught, the scar is not easy to recover, and will be left behind.

4. Some places are particularly cold. The baby always sticks his hand out and kicks the quilt. He accidentally catches cold.

5, the baby's legs are distorted, the two knees are separated outwards, and the two small feet can be almost matched, commonly known as "frog legs". Some old people think that the use of leggings can correct the "frog legs" .

What are the benefits of kidnapping leggings?

1, the baby sleeps more stable, will not be surprised.

2, the baby is tied up to be solid, just like in the mother's womb, it is easier to sleep.

3, the baby's hand is honest, will not scratch his face.

4, the baby's hands and feet will not stick out, warm and harmonious, not cold.

What are the disadvantages of kidnapping leggings?

1, restricting the baby’s free activities, the flexibility of the baby’s hand is not exercised, and the baby’s big movements are also restricted from developing. It is very difficult to turn over.

2, the baby is in a relatively hot environment for a long time, easy to grow long braids, long eczema.

3, the baby's legs are straightened, easily causing dislocation of the hip.

In short, relatively speaking, tied hands and leggings do more harm than good, this habit or custom is still corrected Let's have a look!