After pregnancy, it is best not to touch your stomach at these 2 time points, it is likely to affect your baby.

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After pregnancy, it is best not to touch your stomach at these 2 time points, it is likely to affect your baby.

2018-12-13 20:25:21 374 ℃

After pregnancy, what is your favorite thing to do as your stomach bulges day by day? I believe that the answer to many pregnant mothers is to touch the stomach. When you have dinner, touch it and you want to know if your baby is full. When you get home and get tired, you can feel it and feel tired. When you touch your stomach, sometimes your baby will move a few times. After the pregnant mother feels the baby's “feedback”, she will be very happy, and then the frequency of touching the belly is more frequent.

Although during pregnancy, proper stomaching has many benefits for your baby's growth and development, but pregnant mothers must pay attention to it. And when you touch your stomach, try to avoid these two time points, otherwise it is likely to have an impact on your baby's physical development.

One: When pregnant mom wants to sleep

During the ten months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to not touching the stomach while sleeping. This is because if the stomach is formed into a regular pattern, the baby will remember that the mother will interact with herself at this time of the day, and then she will be very excited and the fetal movement will be frequent. When the baby's fetal movement is frequent, the pregnant mother's sleepiness is likely to be diluted, and then she can fall asleep later, but for those pregnant mothers who are still working, the pregnant mother's sleeping time is not guaranteed enough, and the mental state is It will get worse, this time is very unfavorable for the development of the baby in the belly.

Two: 7 months after pregnancy

Pregnant 7 After a month, the pregnant mother's stomach is already very large. At this time, the baby is basically developed. Besides the mother's uterus is also very familiar with her own "home". Usually it will be more lively, that is, pregnant. In the late stage, the fetal movement of the baby will be more frequent. When the pregnant mother touches the stomach, the baby will feedback the behavior of the mother touching the belly in a more frequent way. When the baby's activity is too large, it increases the risk of the umbilical cord around the neck. If the umbilical cord is too tight, the baby is likely to be deprived of oxygen.

Besides these 2 time points is not suitable for touching the stomach. At other times, the pregnant mother can gently touch her belly and take a top-down approach. Under the gentle touch of the mother, the baby is born. Will be happy and happy.