After pregnancy, how can you ease the difficulty of falling asleep at night? Teach you a little trick

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After pregnancy, how can you ease the difficulty of falling asleep at night? Teach you a little trick

2018-12-13 20:25:24 245 ℃

Xiao Ling was originally a girl who likes to sleep very much. She almost fell asleep on the bed and never fell asleep. But since she was pregnant, Xiao Ling always felt that she had a cat claw in her heart. Insomnia all night and night, skin and mental state are not as good as one day, and my family is afraid of what will happen to her body. Insomnia during pregnancy is a very common symptom. Many pregnant mothers suffer from it. Long-term insomnia will not only affect the health of the pregnant mother, but also affect the development of the fetus, so the pregnant mother should find the cause as soon as possible and try to overcome it. , regaining quality sleep. So what are the causes of insomnia during pregnancy? What should pregnant mother do? Let's learn together.

Causes of difficulty falling asleep

1. Frequent urination

After pregnancy Because the uterus compresses the bladder, the pregnant mother will have frequent urination, and as the month increases, this situation will become more and more obvious. It is very likely that the pregnant mother will repeatedly wake up at night due to frequent urination, resulting in insomnia. . To solve this problem, pregnant mothers can use adult diapers at night to reduce the number of nights. It is worth noting that reducing the amount of water that is easy to cause amniotic fluid turbidity, pregnant mothers are best not to relieve urination in this way.

2. Backache and back cramps

Because the pregnant belly will cause the center of gravity to shift, Therefore, some pregnant mothers walk around with big belly every day. It will inevitably have a backache after a day, and the development of the fetus requires a lot of calcium, so the pregnant mother is likely to be dragged by these physical exhaustion at night. Causes insomnia.

3. Feeling nervous

For pregnant mothers who are just pregnant or are about to give birth, it is inevitable that they are in a state of tension. These tensions can also cause insomnia, but Understand that this is a necessary process, and you need to calm your mind and maintain a happy mood.

How to relieve?

1. Appropriate exercise

Sports is a good way to relieve insomnia. Pregnant mothers can exercise properly during the day and before going to bed, which can help sleep and keep fit. Prepare for childbirth.

2. Relax before going to bed

Before you go to sleep, pregnant mom can take a hot bath or let her husband help with massage, which can relax the muscles of the whole body and relieve the pregnancy. Symptoms of back pain and back pain help to sleep quickly.

3. Supplemental Nutrition

Additional nutrition is essential during pregnancy Things, pregnant mothers back pain, leg cramps is most likely caused by calcium deficiency, pregnant mothers need to pay close attention to their health, try to achieve a balanced nutritional supplement, it is worth noting that pregnant mothers do not eat too much before going to bed Things that would otherwise make it difficult to sleep.

You pregnant mother, do you have symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy? How did you alleviate this symptom? Welcome to share your experience with you.