How old is the difference between husband and wife? These couples tell you the answer, quite unexpected

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How old is the difference between husband and wife? These couples tell you the answer, quite unexpected

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Whenever I listen to people around me, the two people should be in the same position, the interests and hobbies should be the same, the family background should be similar, otherwise the contradictions will be more when they live, after all, live It is a lifelong thing, two people are together every day.

In fact, the two people live together, in addition to the above factors to consider, the age difference between husband and wife is also a key factor affecting a family's happiness. How old is the age difference between husband and wife? Let's take a look at these few cases. The situation is quite surprising.

Case 1: The man is about 10 years older than the woman
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The neighbor sister and her husband are in this situation. My sister's husband is 11 years older than her. The two of them have two children now. The days are very happy. In my sister's words, she doesn't have to worry about many things outside her family, because her husband can consider all kinds of things. Very comprehensive. Husband also hurts her very much, usually her sister is spoiled, her husband is all kinds of tolerance.

The man is about 10 years older than the woman. In general, the advantage is that the man is more mature and hurts, and the willfulness of the woman is more tolerant. Generally speaking, the happiness of this combination The index is also very high. However, this combination also has a thorny problem, that is, life may be more difficult in later life. After all, the age difference is 10 years old. When the man is old, all kinds of illnesses and the like, the woman will have to work harder.

Case 2: The man’s side is quite

The girlfriends are the combination. When the two of them fall in love, they show their love and love. After they get married, they find that life has been passed by. This kind of family combination is also the most common. The age between husband and wife is quite the same. There will be more noisy and noisy. When they are naive, they are childish. When they are mature, they are mature. When they live together, they may need to run for a while. Can get better and better.

The advantage of this combination is that there will be more common topics between husband and wife. Two people will have a more consistent view of many things. After all, people who belong to "one era" experience from small to large, The background of life is also similar.

But this combination is also the most prone to problems. Under normal circumstances, the same age, the woman is mature earlier than the man, especially when just getting married, it is likely that the man is still a boy who did not grow up. At this time, the woman will inevitably feel that she is more tired. She has to take care of the man more in all aspects of life. The woman will inevitably complain more and the happiness index will not be too high. However, this situation will improve as the man matures.

Case 3: The woman is about 5 years older than the man.

I have a colleague. She is 3 years older than her husband. When she was just married, she had nothing. Later, she had a child, my colleague. It is also a kind of more frugal, and she rarely dresses up. After her child goes to elementary school, her husband is derailed and finds a college graduate.

As the saying goes, the female junior holds a golden brick, which means that the woman is a lot older than the man. This is not the case in life. Many cases have proved that the woman is a few years older than the man. After a period of marriage, the man is more likely to be emotionally unfaithful. After all, the woman will be older than the man when she is old. Very realistic.

In addition, the woman will be more tired, maybe not to find a husband for herself, but to find a "baby." If you really want to say that this combination is good, it is also more beneficial to the man, and the majority of the woman will be more tired, and such a composite happiness index is unknown.

From the perspective of the best reproductive age, the age difference between husband and wife is 6 or 7 years old. Mainly because of this age difference, the quality of sperm eggs is the best, and the children born will be healthier.

The combination of age difference between husband and wife, which one do you think is happier? How old are you from your other half? Are you happy in your days?

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