The 10-year-old boy and his classmates are fighting, afraid of being beaten by their parents, and they will come back after 16 years of train leaving.

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The 10-year-old boy and his classmates are fighting, afraid of being beaten by their parents, and they will come back after 16 years of train leaving.

2018-12-16 10:25:40 277 ℃

Recently, a pair of mothers and sons who have been separated for 16 years in Jingzhou, Hubei, have finally reunited. Sixteen years ago, Xiao Yang, who was only 10 years old, and his classmates played a fight. Afterwards, they worried that they would be scolded by their parents and chose to run away from home.

At that time, he wandered to Beijing and was adopted by local good-hearted people. When he grew up, he went to many cities and made a living by working odd jobs. He has been working hard to find his family for many years, but because his hometown has been demolished, there has been no result.

Xiao Yang’s mother has always remembered to hang this son. When the child just left, she thought it was just a gamble and deliberately hid it. The results did not come back the next day, parents realized that the child may have disappeared. They have been trying to find children for many years, but then Xiaoyang’s father has a stroke, and the energy to find a child is much less.

Until Xiaoyang wrote a message on a nonprofit organization, I hope everyone can help him find a relative. It happened that the mother also sent information on finding relatives in the organization. After DNA comparison, the two were confirmed to be mother-child relationships, and the family burst into tears.

Netizens have blessed their reunion, but some netizens feel that it is a simple and rude way for parents to educate their children. "Pushing" out of the house, this is not a thing worth celebrating.

It is true that because of the simple and rude education of the parents, the young child has endured tremendous fear in his heart, and he has decided to flee such a family. Fortunately, children who grow up may understand the difficulties of their parents, and perhaps realize the importance of family. Their family is finally reunited and it is a good ending. But if the child is unfortunately lost, it falls into the hands of the bad guys, and the consequences are unimaginable.

In life, more and more parents are simply and rudely treated with their children, not only swearing and ordering, but even fighting. In fact, this is also easy to lead to children's rebellious psychology, the child will show aggressiveness in speech acts, this mental crit is extremely unfavorable for the child's growth.

So, when the child does something wrong, when the parents get up, how do you deal with it correctly?

1. Learn to maintain a peace of mind

No child is not making mistakes. If the child makes mistakes every time, parents are overly nervous and anxious. It is not only bad for the child to grow up, but also to make the parent-child relationship tense. Parents may wish to change their mindset, calmly face the problems that arise in the child's growth, and use praise instead of criticism. There may be unexpected gains.

2. Respect the child and communicate with the child

A lot of parents feel that the child will not listen to the child’s whispering words. Will pay attention and correct. In fact, this is wrong. The true and effective communication should be respect for the children. The authoritarian education will not have good results. And parents have been yelling at their children, which can also hurt their self-esteem.

3. Pay attention to the way you talk.

Children are sensitive. When parents and children talk, pay attention to their speaking skills, taking into account the child’s acceptance. Ability and personality characteristics, etc. For example, for introverted children, you must be euphemistic to express your thoughts, not to use too harsh a tone. If your child's ability to understand is not strong, pay attention to the child to talk a few times, a little patience. For children who are not confident, parents should encourage more children.

In short, parents' education on children directly affects their character and life. Parents should be good teachers and give them good family education, not simple and violent war.