Why do the buttocks become bigger after pregnancy?

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Why do the buttocks become bigger after pregnancy?

2018-12-16 10:25:44 1257 ℃

For many women who have never had a pregnant child, there is a certain sense of rejection for the problem that the buttocks become wider and larger after pregnancy. In fact, don’t worry too much about the pregnancy, the ass becomes wider and bigger. The process, but the good post-natal adjustment is also recoverable.

Why does the buttocks become bigger after pregnancy?

First, the effects of hormone levels during pregnancy and a large amount of nutrients will naturally lead to the accumulation of fat on the buttocks, which appears to be larger and sagging, making the body become bloated.

Second, the pelvic bone changes in the third trimester, especially the separation of the postpartum pubic bone, which will make the hips wider and larger.

Can postpartum hips recover?

Most people will feel that the postpartum hip shape cannot be recovered. As long as you can pay attention to recovery after childbirth, prenatal body shape is not an unreachable thing. The vast majority of people will gradually retract to their original state with the recovery of the functions of various organs after delivery. Of course, it is not realistic to let go of self-destruction and completely return to the original state. First, diet control is very necessary, followed by Need to exercise, for postpartum recovery can use pelvic straps to promote better recovery of the pelvis.

Still the same sentence: no woman with a bad body, only a lazy woman.

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