How did your family sleep after having a baby? 10 sleeping postures, full screen are laughing

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How did your family sleep after having a baby? 10 sleeping postures, full screen are laughing

2018-12-18 00:25:37 439 ℃

A family of three sleeping postures in winter, full screen is a smile, is your home the same?

We imagine that the way the family sleeps should be like this.

But in reality, after a baby, the three-person sleeping position is often difficult to say. Looking at these wonderful sleeping postures, all the smiles are there. Are there ten kinds of wonderful sleeping postures here that have poked your family?

My treasure is also a full 360-degree roll, suddenly bursting in the middle of the night, we got up and saw this guy half pulled Standing on the bed, half-squatting under the bed, hanging on the edge of the bed, scared us to sweat, if it fell, it still got it? ! The fisherman came up and fell asleep, leaving us nervous for half a night. And if anyone is glaring at him, he won’t stop you if he doesn’t wake you up. I was awakened by my ankles this morning...

My husband said that our family sleeps and sleeps every day, and the taste of the meat is smashed. Every time I go back to the toilet, I have to go to the place. I have to squeeze in and sleep.

哎...Since I have a baby, my sleeping distance with my dad is getting farther and farther.

I think everyone can refer to my family, my son sleeps 1.8 meters in a big bed, our old two sleep On the ground...

Because the three people are too sleepy, the husband went to sleep on the sofa and went to the big The bed gave me and my baby.

咩咩咩: My baby sleeps constantly and expands the soil. I was squeezed by my baby one night. The bed turned around until I went to sleep. Even if I slept in the middle, this little guy still couldn't let it go, often when he woke up, his feet were on my stomach, and the poor treasure dad could barely stretch his legs...

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My baby sleeps in the middle of the bed, like the pointer of the clock, turning around in a circle... Rotating, jumping, I don't stop . And his dad is just like a mountain, not moving at all! Fully proved that the father loves the mountain! mountain!

My treasure often licks my waist with my feet and puts his head on him. The second time, he slept in the middle of the night and suddenly sat up, climbed to my head, and then fell hard, hehe! I suddenly woke up in my sleep and cried myself. I had to grieve for a long time and pouted.

My family is always afraid of falling out of bed, and my dad and I are holding one side and let him sleep in the middle. He usually does not urinate overnight, and he does not wear diapers. But once, it may be that the water was drunk before going to bed, he actually urinated three times a night! Our 2*2.2 big bed is no place to lie, just got up at five in the morning, and laughed and laughed.

Every time I sleep, my family is flush with me, and when I wake up, my ankles are on me. The face is either perpendicular to me. Anyway, it is all kinds of twists. It is also the skin of no one...

After having a baby, how is your family sleeping? Welcome more ramie sharing 哟~