"Three times and six sitting" Is your baby up to standard? Don't do these things again, delay child development

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"Three times and six sitting" Is your baby up to standard? Don't do these things again, delay child development

2018-12-23 20:25:34 249 ℃

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A recent treasure mother raised a question in the parenting group. My baby has not been sitting for 9 months. What happened? As the saying goes, "three turns and six sittings", as the name suggests, the baby should turn over in 3 months, the baby should sit up in 6 months, but his baby is not the same, so this treasure is very Worried, I don’t know where I am doing wrong, so that my baby will develop later than other children. After all, this sentence is passed down from generation to generation of mothers, and therefore there is some truth. So what will the mothers delay their baby development?

1, dress too thick for your baby

from the fall When the transition to winter, the weather will turn from hot to cold, and now the global warming may not have autumn, it is directly from summer to winter, and this temperature change causes parents to give clothes to the baby quickly. Thick, once the clothes become thicker, the action will be slow, the adults are so much, not to mention, the shorter limbs of the baby, severely restrained the baby's actions, the home has better heating, the home is not heated, so The situation will be wrapped up in winter.

Because your baby’s development is also related to your own action, for example, a child who likes to play basketball is taller, not just high, but through playing basketball. In the action, it also helps the limbs to be stretched. The child walks the same. It also needs proper forging. It cannot rely on innate development. The day after tomorrow is also necessary.

2, always holding a baby

Another one Bao Ma asked this question, my child is almost two years old, how can he still not walk? Every baby has a charm when born. If you don't pipe it, you can attract others' eyes. Especially when the baby smiles at himself, he feels that his heart is changed. I believe that even if it is not his own child. I can only smile at strangers, but my relatives at home are different. Everyone sees them in a hurry. When they are finished, they return to their parents. Or let the baby walk, but the baby does not want to walk, the parents will start crying if they do not agree, the parents will be reluctant to look at it, this can always hold.

In any case, no matter what the situation is, it is impossible to hold the baby all the time. The baby has not been in contact with the ground. How can he walk? From a medical point of view, the baby walks to a certain extent after the bones develop to a certain extent. In order to learn the behavior, but if the baby does not touch the ground for a long time, it will develop the bones.

3, stop breastfeeding too early

Now society has The mother of the mother is not enough breast milk to give the child and breast milk, and in order to maintain the perfect breast shape, the breast milk is broken prematurely, which will result in the child's nutrition not being able to supply. Some treasure moms choose to give the baby some milk with better word of mouth on the market, even goat milk to supplement nutrition.

But the best products produced are not only breast milk, but also the melamine in the Sanlu milk powder that causes the baby's kidney stones. Some treasure moms may say that we use imported products, but believe that no one believes in themselves. After all, the quality of the products is said to be there. It is not complete, and 100% definitely has nothing to do.

Baby is very immature. If you don't pay attention to a place, it will affect the development of your life. Therefore, a parent's casual action may delay the baby's development and affect the baby's growth.

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