The common "disease" in growth is not considered a disease at all. Bao Ma: I suddenly realized

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The common "disease" in growth is not considered a disease at all. Bao Ma: I suddenly realized

2018-12-23 20:25:36 238 ℃

Xiao An took her son to the hospital for the Nth time. What made her puzzled was that she checked three times a year. The doctor said that there was no disease, but the child still had different degrees of leg pain and stomach pain. Since there is no disease, why does the child have a painful state?

This time, Xiao An was placed in the Children's Development Division, and Dr. Cao, a professor of children's psychological development, was received.

After listening to Xiao’an’s doubts, she smiled and said that except for the child’s “illness”.

This is a person with different personalities in the world. Personality has been formed when a person was born. The distinction of character is organized into four categories. Multi-blood, bile, mucinous, and depressive. Among the four personality traits, the last one, that is, the characteristics of the depressive character, has also become a sensitive personality.

If our child falls into this category, it means that he is more targeted and sensitive to the perception of the outside world after birth. Then the pressure is easier to form.

Children of this type are not very good at their daily behavior, they are fascinating with them. The child forms a strong contrast. They are good at thinking, cautious, timid, careful, and even strong. All of this will form a child's depression and pressure. Usually, the child's form and performance can be used to preliminarily judge the characteristics of this type of child.

Sensitive children are generally slim and easy to catch colds and allergies during infancy. After entering the age of 4, it is also easy to get into the habit of motion sickness.

The son of Xiao An is a typical type of depression child.

This is also the source of why children often have leg pains, stomachaches, and headaches that cannot be detected.

Because the cause is not in the body, but in the spirit. When the child feels pressure or changes in the air, there is an immediate reaction on the road. The child will refine the pain according to his mood at the time. This is why the feeling of a child's pain is sometimes strong, and there is a weak reason.

Children with depressive quality can make suggestions on family education to help alleviate or treat the child’s current “illness”:

1. Parents should establish rules for their children

General for such children It will be more pessimistic, and the rules are a constraint for them, and positive stimulation and guidance will be very beneficial to the child's personality improvement.

2. Need parental care and patience

I have to admit that sensitive children will have poor initiative and will not automatically please parents. If there are a lot of children at home, then the sensitive type is obviously not even noticed.

Because of this, they also need parental care and care. Patience and love are good ways to help these children grow into independent future people.

3. Easy to rush

4. It is easy for children to entangle, and to deal with such children, parents should be in a state of ease and urgency. Accompanied them to slowly learn to adapt to the society, and wait for the words to bloom, the most suitable for the growth and development of such children.

5. Tolerate his crying.

In the type of child, in addition to the pampering factor, the type of depression is most likely to cry and cry in the infant, but lasting and loud.

Why is this happening? American Hewlett-Packard believes that such children can only heal their own trauma through crying because they are sensitive and incompetent.

So in the face of a depressed child, please give him a big hug when he is crying, with the performance of love To help him unpack.

With these methods, I believe that the child’s “illness” will naturally heal.

It seems that children are not sick, and it is also worthy of parental attention. He may be more important than the illness itself, and it is related to the child's mental health.