7-year-old daughter suffers from unequal treatment, domestic violence has become a habit, parents become her nightmare!

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7-year-old daughter suffers from unequal treatment, domestic violence has become a habit, parents become her nightmare!

2018-12-23 20:25:38 335 ℃

All said that the current society is equal to men and women, but a recent video has made countless netizens look distressed. In the video, a seemingly harmonious family hides the heart-rending picture. The 7-year-old daughter squats on the desk to write homework, but she never thought that her mother would suddenly hit her from behind her and push her down.

The mother’s broom is playing on her daughter. She has been beaten for a while before the video, and she is not very resentful!

In the face of sudden pain, the little girl did not say anything, and lifted the stool to continue to write homework. However, the mother did not seem to be relieved. She turned to the kitchen and took the broom and rushed to the back of the little girl. Instead, the younger brother sitting behind him was very calm and witnessed the scene, as if it was already commonplace.

The daughter is writing homework, the mother is not arrogant, licking her daughter’s hair, such a small girl It’s really sad to suffer such a domestic violence.

Then grab her daughter's hair, more like an enemy, can't wait to fall to her.

If this is the case, this is an accident, but in the next video, let the netizens look even more worried. The little girl is writing homework, and the mother is watching. I don’t know if the little girl is wrong or what happened. Mom suddenly grabbed the little girl’s hair and fell to the ground! The little girl in the picture faced her mother's beatings. She didn't even cry when she cried. She didn't know if her tears had dried up, or she lost confidence in her family.

The little girl can't write homework with peace of mind. The mother picks up the stool and squats on her body. It doesn't match the mother's title. How can you be so poisonous when you fall off your body!

When many netizens see this, they will definitely think that their mother is so vicious, why isn’t Dad out of control? If the mother is the nightmare of this little girl, then her father is the devil in the nightmare. Dad who came back from the outside, seeing this daughter of her own, is still a stick.

The man in a yellow shirt slaps on the daughter wearing the school uniform, and the younger son is also watching, not worthy. You are not a father in this profession.

This kind of domestic violence has become accustomed to this family, and it is a pity for the little girl to be disappointed with this family. I sincerely hope that parents will take the lead!

A lot of people think that her father can protect her, but it is a beating. I believe that this little girl has lost hope for this family, and her heart will always think about it. What am I doing wrong? Why is it that I am punished every time instead of my brother?

Users' hot comments:

Like life _Hag: As a parent, I feel sad for this little girl, a child who is so obedient, I will meet this kind of parent. I hope this little girl can live strong and get rid of this devil family as soon as possible!

HY is not easy for life: every time I am injured, I am a girl. Every time I watch a boy, every time I am beaten, I am a girl. Every time I have nothing, I am a boy.

Blood and rain hurricane: I don't know what kind of family can treat my daughter like this? Isn't the daughter not the flesh of the body, the blood in my heart?

Candy Mom has something to say:

Every child is a gift from heaven, every child is the heart of the parents, and equality between men and women is The focus of education. Although the parents did not fight the boy, but the boy witnessed it all, I believe these shots will be remembered in the boy's heart. Therefore, I hope that every family can do the same when educating their children!