Three months after childbirth, I found a foreign body in the toilet and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said: Divorce.

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Three months after childbirth, I found a foreign body in the toilet and went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said: Divorce.

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Zeng Fang (pseudonym) of Liupanshui, Guizhou, and his husband have been married for three years because they have a mother-in-law who needs to take medicine for a long time in bed, and her husband is afraid of hardships and is not willing to work hard. The family is running around. Last year, Zeng Fang was pregnant. She considered that the family's economic conditions did not want this child, but she thought that she was almost thirty years old. Then she did not want her child to be afraid of difficulties in the future, and she gave birth to her son Xiaohu in August this year.

I thought that when I became a father, my husband could take responsibility for the family, but he still was unmoved, every day. Just relying on Internet cafes when the network management earns more than 2,000 yuan a month is not enough to smoke and eat. Zeng Fang, a person with a child, just went to work after the hard work of the month, for fear that he lost his job, so that the child’s milk powder is gone. In the recent past, Zeng Fang always felt that there was a feeling of falling pain in the abdomen. I thought that it might be that I had eaten too fast recently, and my stomach may not be very good. I didn’t have much control. I licked the millet porridge several times to raise my stomach.

But when she went to the toilet the day before yesterday, she found that the lower body actually came out with a foreign body, which could scare Zeng Fang. , quickly went to the hospital for examination. After the doctor understood the situation, she told her that it was her uterine prolapse, her physical recovery after childbirth was not very good, and the work was hard, leading to uterine prolapse. It is recommended that she stay at home for a while. Zeng Fang heard tears and told the doctor about the situation at home. He could not rest, otherwise the family and his son would not have to rely on it. The doctor heard about her encounter and whispered to divorce her, so it is difficult for a man without responsibility to take care of their mother and child.

Production can be said to be a top priority for a woman's life. The recovery after production determines the future health of women. . So how to prevent postpartum uterine prolapse?

Avoid the use of the restraint band for a long time. The use of the restraint band for a long period of time in the month will make the pelvic floor muscles more downward, which will increase the postpartum leakage of urine and uterine prolapse.

Insist on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can stimulate the nipple, reflexively cause uterine contraction, help the pelvic ligaments recover, and more effectively prevent uterine prolapse.

More rest during the month. When you are confined, rest in bed, don't overwork, and do related levator exercises.

Keeping smooth and laxative. Postpartum mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables and light foods, drink plenty of water, and avoid constipation as much as possible.

There is an inseparable relationship between uterine prolapse and postpartum recovery. Care must be taken to maintain your body and give birth. For women, it is a journey of ghosts, so postpartum recovery is very important. Every pregnant mother must remember.