"Mom, I will raise you when you are old," the treasure mother refused. The reason is very pricking.

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"Mom, I will raise you when you are old," the treasure mother refused. The reason is very pricking.

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As your child grows older, you will gradually become aware of some things, especially for children in elementary school. Not long ago, when I was studying at home, I wrote my homework and thought about watching cartoons. The child was watching and excited. I suddenly turned around and said something to my thoughts: "Mom, after you are old, I will definitely raise it. "You and Dad's", I didn't respond to the thoughts at that time, and asked the child again, "What did you just say?" Dabao repeated it again, and ran over and hugged his thoughts. At that time, he was especially touched by his heart. I can't help but sigh that this baby is not a white child. I know that my parents are older when I am so young. I have to hurt you and take care of you. I feel very sweet when I think about it. However, Dabao said that he later talked about this matter when he chatted with girlfriends, and thought that he still had to tell Dabao that "don't worry, parents don't need children to support the elderly." After that, I also explained this with Dabao.

1, "I am married to your father, we will interact with each other in the future." "Supporting the old"

In fact, the children are all loved by the mother, but after the mother is old, the biggest hope is to support the old one with your father. I am married to your father. Then it must be going on for a long time, and we will be responsible for both sides. And I also know that you may think that your mother is old and old. If you are not with me, it will look like I am very poor, but you have to know that before you get married, you can have a good time. And it is also very free. After marrying your father, it is also very happy to be with your father, so our love is crystallized, you are not pitiful. If your mother is old, it will not be directly related to you. Relationship, but it has a lot to do with your father. I want to live with your father for a lifetime. We will be very happy. Baby, you don't have to worry about our pity. As long as you have a good time, my father and I are very happy. .

2,"You don't have to be responsible for our lives"

Baby, in fact, my mother knows that you are really very kind to me and your father, hoping to make us happy, my mother is very pleased when I hear you say this, but many times You have to know that your ability is limited, and no one can be responsible for the lives of others, just like Mom and Dad often want to guard you all the time, but you will grow up one day, and after all, we will One day will grow old, and life is sick and dead. These things are incapable of us to change. Some days ago, you have a fever and have a cold for a long time. Your appetite has been particularly bad. When you can’t eat, my mother’s heart is in my heart. I want to, I would rather suffer from it, and I don’t want to see you being particularly uncomfortable, but there is no one to replace this ill. So Dabao, you have to understand that everyone can only be responsible for their own lives. In fact, the idea of ​​thinking is also to let the children know that everyone can only be responsible for themselves, while other people’s lives, many times, even if they have the heart to do it, but they may not really help, so they are also I want Dabao to focus on her own.

3, "You said this is too early, don't "Easy to make promises"

Baby, you have to know not to make promises to others easily. You may think that if you are with mom, you will raise us, but it is not what you want. That way, if my mother is old one day and you are still with my mother, chances are that you will take care of me as if your mother is taking care of you now. Moreover, it may happen that you have no achievements, you need your mother to raise you, raise your mother. In fact, it is filial mother. My mother thinks that these words should wait until you grow up. Then, even if you are not with your mother, as long as you have a mother's position in your heart, your mother will still be very happy. In fact, the reason why I want to tell my children is that this is also to educate children not to make promises to others easily, otherwise if not, this is not only a manifestation of being irresponsible to themselves and others.

In fact, many times, some of the words that the child inadvertently said will really touch the parents, but it is indeed worthy of reference for every parent in the matter of taking care of the education. After all, in the process of children's growth, it is very important for the correct guidance and education of children. how about you? Have your children told you these words?