I want to know that a woman has never had a child. In fact, it is very simple. If she has given birth, she can’t hide it!

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I want to know that a woman has never had a child. In fact, it is very simple. If she has given birth, she can’t hide it!

2018-12-28 10:25:28 341 ℃

Elderly people almost know that there will be several changes after a woman has a child, although the appearance may not be able to be seen, but pay attention to these points to know. Maybe most young people don't know what will change after giving birth! In fact, it is very simple, because the birth has been hidden, and now I will listen to Xiaobian about what can be seen!

See Stretch Mark

After pregnant with a child, slow The slow stomach is getting bigger, some skins are not elastic, the stomach, the waist and the buttocks and the thighs on both sides will be afraid of a red bar. It is very ugly! However, the stretch marks that are crawling out are generally not eliminated, and it is not possible to use skin care products during pregnancy, otherwise it will be bad for the fetus. These caterpillar-like red levers will slowly turn white when they are born, and those that are smeared can't be eliminated. I believe many women know.

Seeing the belly

Because during pregnancy, the stomach is supported by the baby When you get older, when you have a baby, the meat on your stomach will become more slack. Even if you recover well after birth, you will still have a mark. It is completely different from the girl's stomach. After giving birth, the stomach will not be as tight as before, but it will be loose, maybe some people will leave a large piece of meat on the stomach, and people who are obese after birth will also Quite a lot, because the nutrients absorbed during pregnancy are too much, the baby does not absorb all of the mother's absorption, and it is not easy to lose weight after birth.

Look at the chest

The pregnant mothers should be able to feel the feeling of breast enlargement in the second trimester, and the chest will gradually become bigger after pregnancy. However, when the child is born, he will squat down after feeding, and the chest will become slack after he goes down. So if a woman is born, she can still pay attention to whether her chest is drooping, but the underwear worn by women is almost always shaped, so wearing clothes is generally not seen. This can be used to see my girlfriend or wife. The one that has not been born.

Look at the ass

After pregnancy, the female ass will be slow Slow growth, length and width are just for the baby to come out from the stomach more conveniently. After the baby is born, the buttocks will not grow back again, but it has been so big, because the pelvis has been shaped, so the ass can also tell if the child has been born. Because the pelvis expands to both sides, it is easy to see, and the female ass who gave birth to the child will not be as tight as before. The feeling of giving people will be completely different.

Now you understand how to see if a woman has given birth to a child!