Was there a quirk in the baby? This is not a bad thing

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Was there a quirk in the baby? This is not a bad thing

2018-12-28 10:25:28 317 ℃

Do you remember the article "Children like to press the little monsters, I finally know the reason" I shared last week? When the last article was edited, I dropped a picture, and the meaning of the article was not fully expressed.

Small peanuts want to wear The "small squat" "tight body" puzzled me for a long time, and later I realized that the child was "tact sensitive". The child himself found a good solution, but I did not understand it with my family and regarded it as a "queer." Now I understand the children and create more opportunities for them to improve their sense of touch.

A lot of parents may not understand why the child is very picky about the texture of the clothes; reject the washing and brushing teeth and change the diaper, do not like others to touch him, close to him, hate to integrate into the group; do not like to barefoot Walking on the grass, not willing to step on the beach, anything screaming on the hand, Some mothers are even proud of the idea that "my baby is too clean and clean"( I am such a mother) , but I don’t know if this is actually a childTactilely sensitive.

Some children have finished eating things full of dirty mouth, do not know to wipe clean, sticky rice noodles on the face do not know, the body is bruised and you ask him, he does not know how to get The writing and painting control is not in place, and the heat of sweat does not know to take off clothes. This stupid feeling is likely to be insensitive to tactile discrimination.

You may understand now why it is useless to tell your child why. Because the children can't feel it! This kind of sensible thing requires you to help them develop.

The following interesting little games can help your child improve their tactile development, reduce allergies in children with allergic reactions, and increase the perception of children with underreaction. They are all fun and fun games that can be executed at home.

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Let the child choose which game to play.

Children can play, and older children can play as well.

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