Three lives! Because the parents in the group attacked pregnant mothers, pregnant women with baby burned charcoal!

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Three lives! Because the parents in the group attacked pregnant mothers, pregnant women with baby burned charcoal!

2018-12-28 10:25:30 326 ℃

A recent news made Xiaobian feel uncomfortable. On the 25th, a resident building in Nansha, Guangzhou, a pregnant woman and his son in kindergarten were Found to be dead at home. The family of the pregnant woman said that the pregnant woman committed suicide with a child (a pseudonym) burning charcoal.

After ten days ago, Ming Ming had played other children in the kindergarten. When the mother communicated with her parents, she clearly revealed the information about autism, and was attacked by other parents. , more parents find kindergartens to ask for a clear dropout.

Ming Ming’s mother told her family that the storm caused her to collapse.

So the family guessed that this was the direct cause of her suicide. The kindergarten director said that Ming Ming had just come to school for a few months, but he was only relatively active before, and he had no disputes with his classmates. But in order to quell the dissatisfaction of other parents, I decided to let Ming Ming rest at home for a few days.

One netizen said: No snowflake is innocent when avalanche of.

These three lives are all related to all the parents in the group. If the parents in the group can understand the mother in good faith; if everyone does not stand up and attack; if a parent can stand up and help the mother to say a word or two, I believe that this will not happen. Unfortunately, there are not so many in the world.

Children with autism are facing a desperate situation, but they have to be struck by other people. I can imagine how desperate this pregnant woman is! !

I don’t know if these three lives can make the parents in the group shut up, can they be awake, or get a little lesson, but we believe that even if the law does not allow them to accept punishment, but conscience The debts on the bank are not good, especially those who have attacked her. It is estimated that they will not feel at ease in their lives.

About the parents of children with depression, one netizen said that they have a mother with autistic children, because the child’s father can’t accept the fact that the child is sick, the child is 8 years old and the child’s mother Divorced.

After the divorce, the child’s mother insisted on taking the child alone. The only thing that is fortunate is that the child’s mother’s work is good, the economic conditions are also very good, and she is fully capable of raising the child alone.

It’s a pity that the child’s mother did not endure the pressure of living inside and outside, and suffered from depression. She finally chose to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Sometimes people's emotions collapse and their appearance is calm, but a straw can kill them.

If the child’s father can share his responsibilities with his mother; if her relatives can be more cared for, if the society does not want to see her with colored glasses; A friend, when she is helpless, can care more about her, I believe that the ending must not be like this.

At the end of the day, our society has changed.

Why are the people around us more and more selfish and increasingly indifferent? The ancestors taught us "the old man and the old man, the young and the young, and the young man". Do we still remember that we are worthy of the sacred title of "civilization", the creation of civilization and the longevity of all things?

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    Be a educated person, be a strong insider People. Distressed child distressed child mother! May rest in peace! ! !

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I found that the so-called parent group is a karma group. I have a friend who is affected by the parents and is forced to compare. The extracurricular classes have been one after another, and the children are under pressure.

Let's see 3-4:

Look at the selfish humanity, the consequences of poor education are reflected. Investigate the parental responsibility of attacking and attacking, without pity, sympathy and tolerance. A group of beasts.

Unknown book:

There are people who are really unworthy. I don't know what to say, it's really called "cannibalism."

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