Do not want to let children be pinched as soft persimmon, parents remember 4 points, the child grew up and not bullied.

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Do not want to let children be pinched as soft persimmon, parents remember 4 points, the child grew up and not bullied.

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When a child looks old at three years old, he will be able to see what kind of temperament he will have in his childhood. Some children are often bullied in kindergartens, and they are often cried by other children. After being bullied for a long time, the terms of honesty, cowardice and cowardice will accompany the child for a long time. Such a child will grow up to be a soft persimmon. Anyone can pinch it for a while. To change this situation, parents need to remember four points in order to solve the problem fundamentally.

First, let children learn to say no. Three-year-old Qiangqiang recently got a Transformer. He liked it so much that his relatives'children came to play at home and liked the toy. The two children scrambled for it. When his mother saw it, she said to Qiangqiang that they were guests and you had to let others. Qiangqiang also wanted to compete, her mother's eyes changed. The silent threat let the children drop their hands. When they left, their relatives'children did not let go with their toys. The mother said to the relatives, take them back and play for two days, and Qiangqiang was not particularly fond of playing.

Mother always lets the strong let others, learn to share, if not listen to is selfish, strong in such a family atmosphere, more and more convergence of their character, to kindergarten, others rob him toys, rob stools, he dare not refuse, this kind of forced children to dress tolerantly and generously, in fact, the children to the ranks of soft persimmon.

Learn to respect children, let children learn to say no, and when things go against their will, children can stand up bravely and defend their rights. It is good for children to be modest and polite, but they can not blindly pretend to be good old people and let themselves be subdued. Over time, children's courage is suppressed and cowardice prevails.

Second, when a child is bullied, never say such a thing. Many children were bullied and ran to their mothers crying for comfort. As a result, their mothers scolded them head-to-head: Why don't people bully others and bully you alone? Did you provoke others on your own initiative? The child was scolded, frightened and afraid to tell the truth to his mother. Maybe next time he was bullied, he chose not to say it directly. Many school violence is unknown to parents. Only when the child was seriously injured, can parents see the clue. Sometimes parents feel that they are for their children's good, but improper words, that is, to push the child out, his heart closed the door to his parents, the mind will not be revealed, because they can not understand, seek help, and gradually become silent.

Third, keep children away from people with different personalities. Many children have been bullied, parents will take two ways, one is to keep children away from such children, the other is to make friends with such children, in fact, people's personality is very difficult to change, the so-called Jiangshan nature is difficult to change, children are born to choose what kind of friends, parents do not need to interfere, I would rather advise children to stay away from such violent children, to maximize self-protection. If the children do not move forward, they will not be bullied.

Fourth, fight back bravely. In Know whether or not, Shulan, Ming Lan's first cousin, was originally a lady. She married a scholar. Her family was poor and depended on the dowry Shulan brought to live. But they bullied Shulan and quarreled with her. Instead of supporting her daughter, Shulan's parents blindly taught her to give in and send money and shops. As a result, her mother-in-law was getting more and more inches ahead. In the end, with the help of Ming Lan, Shu Lan took back the shop, the slaves and maidservants, and let her mother-in-law give up completely. This is actually the problem of parents. It is only strange that she educates her children into soft persimmons without being pinched.

It doesn't matter if the child is weak or small. It doesn't matter if he is not afraid of things. When he sees others being bullied, he is not strong enough to get ahead and learn to avoid them. But if he is really bullied, he should fight back bravely. Even if his strength is limited, he should also use his actions to tell others that he is not a soft persimmon. If he wants to bully, he should also consider it. Others will naturally be afraid. Yes.

Some people say that children's cowardly character is innate, and I do not believe it. In fact, the result of family education is also the edification of family environment. There are cowardly elements in parents'personality, or blindly let their children tolerate them. They always seem to be bullied better than others. The older the good man, the more afraid of offending others, the greater the possibility of being bullied. What do you say?

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