Practicing lying and climbing in this way will benefit the baby's body and brain a lot.

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Practicing lying and climbing in this way will benefit the baby's body and brain a lot.

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Last time I sent an article, I taught my mother to play parent-child games with a baby under one year old. The response was very good.

< p> Ah, I can still play like this, and I've gained more knowledge. And more! "

It's true that playing some simple games at ordinary times can not only cultivate trust between you and your baby, but also promote the brain development of your baby.

Let's get started.

< strong > 1

< p > < strong > < strong > lying down exercise

< p > With the development of neck muscle, the baby can raise his head on his stomach at the age of 3 months and persist for several seconds. It won't be long before the baby rolls over on his stomach.

As the sense of balance increases further, the baby begins to support his body with his wrist and elbow, which is the first step of climbing. The following three methods are good lying down exercises.

crawling position

baby lying on the ground, you can gently rub TA's back, slip slowly from neck to waist, let TA's back straight.

When the baby tries to support the body with his wrist and elbow, you can put your hand under TA and gently lift TA. Special attention should be paid to keeping TA's face down so as not to hide his mouth and nose when he is lying down.

reach for toys

when the baby is lying down, put a lovely toy in front of TA. When the baby sees it, he will stretch out his hands and feet and climb forward bit by bit.

But don't put toys too far. When the baby reaches the toy, remember to boast that TA ~

crawling training

the baby can learn to crawl after he can crawl. Climbing stimulates the brain and promotes the growth of synapses connecting neurons.

At the beginning, the baby's limbs can not move freely and need the help of adults. When the baby props up his body with his hands and elbows, he can put his hands on TA's belly and gently hold TA. When the baby's hands are firmly held, you can alternately move forward with your hands holding his arms.


crawling game

baby will crawl, the range of activities will gradually increase, curiosity will also increase, will like to crawl everywhere.

Crawling can not only exercise muscles, but also stimulate the brain and promote the development of the brain.

So, mothers have to use more brains to create better crawling space for babies! < p > < strong > Over the "quilt peak" < / strong > < / P > < p > You can fold up the quilt, or stack up the cushion to make a "mountain peak" to let the baby over.

In this process, you can encourage the baby, or reach out to help TA climb up. You can also place toys on the top of the hill to attract your baby's attention. After climbing the "mountain peak", the baby has to climb down. So in the process of climbing the "quilt peak", adults must be around to ensure safety.

crawl, chase

baby crawl ahead, adult crawl behind. The adults shouted, "Wait for me!" "To catch up with you!" Catching up with the baby. After catching up, hold the baby tightly in your arms.

This game can exercise the baby's waist and leg muscles and enhance physical strength. In the process of catching up and embracing, parent-child relationship will become more and more close. However, we should pay more attention to safety when playing games.


three kinds of training for learning to stand

10 months old, the baby can stand up with East and West and move slowly. During the period of

, Bao Da and Bao Mu should accompany their babies to do various kinds of training to promote the development of their sports ability. < p > < strong > plantar tactile training < / strong > < / P > < p > plantar steady is the first step in learning to walk!

Adults sit on the ground, bend their legs and let the baby sit on his calves. Hold your hands under your baby's armpit and slowly flatten your legs. When the baby's foot touches the ground, adults make a "boom" sound. Do it a few times, and the baby will know that when he hears the interesting sound "bah", his feet touch the ground.

jumping training for waist and leg exercise

Let the baby jump heartily on the thighs of adults!

put both hands under the baby's armpit, hold the upper body of TA, and let the baby bounce up and down.

This movement can exercise the baby's legs flexion and extension ability, waist and leg strength, but also improve the TA sense of balance. When jumping up, the baby's vision is different from usual, which will bring fresh stimulation to the brain. The game is lively and interesting, and dads can participate more!

East-West Walking Training

Babies can stand up with East and west, then they can practice walking with East and west.

Although walking is unstable at first, gradually, legs can take the place of arms and support the upper body. When practicing, remember not to be anxious or reluctant to let the baby enjoy walking.

can also lure TA away with a doll that the baby likes. When the baby arrives, the adults must say "It's a great job", praise and embrace TA well. Of course, we also need to pay attention to safety during training to prevent the baby from being injured. Are the games

simple and fun? Not only that, but also can teach you how to train the baby's sports development ability, promote the intimate relationship between parents and children, is it great?