Tragedy! Shandong first daughter-in-law stabbed "mother-in-law" more than 50 knives, and trembling to strangle her son!

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Tragedy! Shandong first daughter-in-law stabbed "mother-in-law" more than 50 knives, and trembling to strangle her son!

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On the day of < br > < section > < section > < section > < section > < block quote > < p >, Li Xia deliberately set the alarm clock at zero. As soon as it arrived, < strong > dressed, stabbed her mother-in-law with a knife for more than 50 knives. All the things she could reach were smashed, and then she tremblingly strangled her son. What desperate situation did

experience to let a woman "kill her mother and son"? Today, the public number of Shandong People's Procuratorate tells us about this tragedy many years ago. <<<<< strong><<<<<<<< strong>< strong><<< strong><

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< em>< strong>>>> strong>>> strong>>> she suspected she was too tired from working too hard <<<<<<<

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The story begins with Li Xia's family background... Li Xia was born in 1980 in Gansu Province. Although the family is relatively poor, because she ranks the younger and older in the family, she does not have to do farm work. After graduating from junior high school, she went to Shandong to work alone.

Jining People's Procuratorate Public Prosecution Procurator Wang Wei analyzed that Li Xia was immature and could not suffer any hardship, and she did not work long, plus foreigners and suffered a lot of losses. Under the circumstances of

, Li Xia is eager for a stable life and hopes to find personal support.

In 2004, when Li Xia worked in Yantai, she realized the "peak". It was this man who completely changed her life.

Li Xia is familiar with her work, and her organization arranges her to take the peak. During the conversation, Li Xia learned that Gaofeng had been a soldier in Gansu Province.

has been wandering outside for many years with no family around her, so the "fellow townsman" at the peak makes her feel more cordial. For a long time, the peak also had a good feeling for the "teacher" who had a good face and took good care of himself. In the first year of cohabitation,

, their lives were very sweet. Take a walk along the seaside, eat together, watch movies together, and occasionally prepare some small gifts at the peak.

Slowly, the days change...

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< p > < strong > Li Xia and Gaofeng work in the same factory. With long working hours, fewer holidays and low salaries, Li Xia felt too tired and forced her to resign with her.

< p > < br >

< p > No more work, two people living in a rental house barely survive. When people are idle, their differences in living habits and personalities are enlarged infinitely. It is unavoidable that they are tired of looking at each other. Sometimes they get angry. Li Xia even threatens to stab the peak.

whether or not she wants the child or not has been a long struggle. She was not married to Gaofeng, and now the relationship is very unstable. In case of breaking up, what will she do in the future?

Think again, with this child, the peak may marry itself. In the tangle, she told the news of pregnancy to the top.

Peak Guarantee that the child will marry her as soon as she is born, Li Xia believes it. <<<




Originally the real name of "peak" was Duan Hua, because he had fought with others before and was afraid of being checked out and used the identity of "peak" outside. Li Xia was somewhat disturbed by the fact that the pillow-side people who had spent six years together all day and all night were so hidden that she was immersed in her infinite vision of the future and did not go deep into it.

Looking at Li Xia who was pregnant, Duan's family was very happy. According to Duan Hua's father, Duan's mother was fierce, abusive and nagging, which laid a hidden danger for the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. When Li Xia conceived in October, she gave birth to a boy named Xiao Zhi. Li Xia thought she could marry Duan Jia smoothly. When she proposed marriage, Duan Hua refused. Not only that, Duan Hua abandoned his wife and children and returned to Qingdao after the full moon.

Li Xia's housework is impassable and she is lazy at ordinary times , which makes diligent Duan Mu look bad and often gives her son a "small report".

< p > < br >

< p > Li Xia disliked the poor family conditions and tired work. She complained to Duan Hua that her mother-in-law was much more responsible and nagging. Faced with the contradiction between mother and Li Xia, Duan Hua turned a deaf ear to it and acted as a "shook hands" cabinet. <<<<<<<<<<





<<<<2003<<<<<><>><<><<><<<><<<<><<<<<<<<<<<<<< section > < section > < section > < section > < sect Ion > < p > New Year's Eve, 2011, "mother-in-law and daughter-in-law" for the first time confronted fiercely. < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > Li Xia complained to Duan Hua about the cold and tired work at home, Duan Mu overheard. Long-standing grievances erupted, and they tore their faces and quarreled.

That night, Duan Mu called her son and asked him to get Li Xia away as soon as possible. Three days later, Duan Hua came home.

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Li Xia wants to take her children with her, Duan Mu disagrees, and scolds in front of the whole family: Did your family ever pay a dime when they gave birth? You think you can have children. Who can't my son find?" At this time Duan Hua not only did not persuade but also added fuel to the fire, saying that Li Xia's mother "did not teach her children well".

< p > < br >

< p > Suddenly, Li Xia was angry and had a big quarrel with Duan's family, which attracted the neighbours to watch. This makes Duan's family lose face. According to Wang Wei, the prosecutor, Li Xia's laziness is an important reason for the contradiction. She has to open her mouth to others even when she eats, and complain about the bad food they cook.

Without a job, Li Xia can not support herself without Duan Jia, of course, she never thought about leaving. < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < strong > but things have come to this point, Li Xia had to leave her children and go to Qingdao with Duan Hua. <<<< strong><<<<<< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>boyfriend had a new party in Qingdao in Qingdao
<<<<<< strong> "strong>" we were not registered again <<< strong><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< strong><<<<<<<<<<< em><<< em>< em>< < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < img SRC = "/ 1ydzximg / 0" L4lhgphcL "/> < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > < p > network pictures, pictures and texts have nothing to do with < / P > < br > < p > < p > < p > In Qingdao, Duan Hua always finds excuses not to go home. During Li Xia's childcare, Duan Hua had a new love. After the showdown, every time Duan Hua came home late, Li Xia quarreled with him. Duan Hua hit her several times and said "We haven't registered yet. I want to come here and leave as soon as I want. Do you mind?"

< p > < br >

< p > His words poked Li Xia's pain, but she was still lucky to think of the children who were waiting to be fed and the years she had spent.

< p > < br >

< p > but the compromise of Li Xia resulted in the intensification of Duan Hua's change.

He not only refused to marry again, but also humiliated Li Xia and asked her to be a "Miss" to earn money to support him. <<<<<<<



She wanted to kill her boyfriend<<<<


, but Li Xia repeatedly pleaded with him to ensure that he would work well. Later Duan Hua found out that Li Xia had been cheating on him, and his job had changed. In the autumn of 2011, they broke up. In the face of Duan Hua's despair, Li Xia pinned her spirit on her children. She often buys toys and clothes and sends them to her children. She also calls Duan Mu to inquire about her children.

At first, the other party answered the phone, and then became more and more impatient, until after a quarrel, Duan Mu stopped answering Li Xia's phone. < p > < p > < br > < p > < p > < p > love is betrayed and mother-child relationship is not satisfied. Li Xia's heart is full of hatred. Want to kill Duan Hua, but can not start, she put all the resentment on Duan mother. <<<<<<<<<



< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > 14 August 2012, Li Xia Go back to Duanjia again. Strong > Just this time, she had two more knives in her suitcase. According to Li Xia's own confession, she came back with a glimmer of hope, hoping to repair her relationship with Duan's family.

But when she wants to be close to her son, Duan Mu makes obstruction intentionally or unintentionally. Once Li Xia felt Xiao Zhi was not obedient, so she hit him. Xiao Zhi would never let her touch herself or her family again, which made Li Xia feel like an outsider.

spent a hard month in Duan's family, Li Xia had a dispute with Duan's mother again, and Duan's father was not at home at night, which made her make up her mind to kill.

At more than 10 p.m., Li Xia went to the Westinghouse to sleep alone and set the wake-up bell at 0.30 a.m. the next day with her mobile phone.

On September 15, the alarm bell rang at 0.30 on time. Li Xia got up, dressed herself, woke up Duan Mu, deceived her into the West Room, grabbed her neck from behind, and stabbed her with a knife.

autopsy report showed that there were more than 50 knife wounds on the victim. In addition to knife wounds, there are many blunt injuries on the head, face, neck, trunk and limbs of the victim.

Combined with on-site investigation and Li Xia's statement, At that time, everything reached, such as hammer, chair and so on, Li Xia all hit the victim and vented her resentment.

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< p > kill