"Mom, why didn't you and Dad dress last night?" You must not evade this question.

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"Mom, why didn't you and Dad dress last night?" You must not evade this question.

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< p > < br > Today, when she answered her girlfriend's phone call, she laughed and sighed. The fungus was curious, but she was embarrassed to ask. Until she could not stop telling me voluntarily, I did not laugh heartily and cover my face. This is the case with

, which may have happened to many parents. Simply put, the couple was caught by the children when they did something unsuitable for them. Speaking of complexity, it involves the baby's sex education.

This situation seems to be quite a few, and the scene was once very embarrassing.

@TA is entering please wait a moment: remember last year in the elevator, a lot of people, a boy of six or seven years old suddenly asked her mother: Mom, why didn't you and Dad wear clothes last night? I'd like to know how the mother was feeling, covering her face.

@This age 21: Just got up one morning, my daughter stared and asked me what nightmare I had in the middle of last night. She heard me shouting in the next room. After that, I and her father were afraid as long as the children were at home.

@Tiger tooth Xiaowang sugar: It's nothing. I went to my friend's house the other day to play with my new baby. I accidentally asked her if she had enough milk to feed her baby. As a result, her 3-year-old daughter said, "My brother can't finish eating, my father can't eat"... All the people in the room laughed at that time.

Bacteria on the Internet to see, netizens on how to deal with this matter is also an ongoing debate. < p > < p > 1. Cover up and avoid answering < / P > < p > @ Xiaohe Mom and Mom: Generally, Dad will talk to the children about massaging their mothers. Xiaomei is not Han Meimei: Tell your child that it's because parents love each other. Now you can't explain it to you. When you grow up, you will understand.

3.Take the opportunity to popularize sex knowledge to babies

at first sight is a serious person: Well, since this matter has been broken, the more you cover up, the more curious the baby will be. It's better to take this opportunity to talk to him, or he knows you have to be embarrassed from other sources.

How to explain to children? It's not a trivial thing for a child to be afraid of saying vaguely and misunderstanding, and to go out and make mistakes. It's also afraid of saying too much and not being able to grasp the yardstick.

@Snow and Wind: It's not terrible to ask. What's terrible is that a child can share what he sees with others. The most terrible thing is that he can imitate it.

Let me say, instead of thinking about how to explain it to the baby, he should think more about how not to be discovered by the baby.

@Super Automation: Many people say a variety of answers, but what do naked people do to explain it? The most important thing is to find ways not to let children see.

@It's cool to hear that a person with cancer has to be treated, but can he be better treated than cancer? Why not teach parents how to avoid bumping into their children? Why don't couples even know to lock the door when they do that? Why don't you wait for the baby to fall asleep? When the children meet, the best answer is as if they had been ill and had to be treated. It's deceptive to say that it doesn't matter.

Admittedly, parents should try their best to avoid this kind of situation. In addition, if it happens, don't escape and don't be shy of talking about sex.

Parents are the first teachers of children. Don't leave children with a vague concept of sex. Sex education is to let children know life and protect themselves. It is more important to teach them the basic self-protection than anything else. In that popular saying, you don't think sex education is too early, but bad people don't think your children are too young.

Our parents want to cheer on it. Don't leave any chance for the bad guys ~

I'm the October bacteria (ID: shiyuejun10). My wish is that all mothers and children in the world will be healthier and happier.