The 38-year-old parturient's experience of cesarean section was exposed and her husband's response was silent...

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The 38-year-old parturient's experience of cesarean section was exposed and her husband's response was silent...

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The theme of the second season of

documentary "The World of Man" -

is "Birthday", which tells the story of pregnant and lying-in women. Lin Qin, 38, will soon have her third child.

She had two caesarean sections, which was her third pregnant caesarean section.

But this time, the placenta did not grow well. It grew to the cervical orifice, the lower end of the uterus and the myometrium of the uterus.

Doctor's diagnosis, the birth process of a child, and the process of placenta dissection may cause massive bleeding.

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Although the doctor knew the situation was critical, he took a breath after opening Lin Qin's abdominal cavity. The placenta of

Lin Qin has grown into the myometrium of uterus, and the dissection of Lin Qin's placenta from the uterine cavity

is like uprooting a tree, and massive bleeding inevitably occurs.

Within 10 minutes, Lin Qin produced 3000 ml of blood.

and a person's normal blood volume is about 4000 milliliters... The most important thing is that the blood can't stop at all.

Linqin has transfused 6,000 ml of blood, but the bleeding still can not stop.

The blood column sprayed out directly, and within a few minutes thousands of milliliters of blood disappeared immediately.

Usually we donate 200 ml blood;

6000 ml blood is equivalent to 30 people, standing there a large amount of blood donation.

Doctors gave their best treatment, but the bleeding still could not stop. The only way to do this is to cut off the uterus and completely lock the bleeding point of the uterus.

Doctor went to communicate with Lin Qin's husband, who hesitated repeatedly:

"Is there really no way out? Can't the uterus really hold?

The doctor explained repeatedly: "I don't think it's easy enough for your wife to take the life of uterus anymore..."

Finally, the husband agreed to sign and asked again:

"Is there really no way to keep the uterus?"

Finally, Lin Qin's uterus was removed...

She went to the ghost gate, with the solitary courage of "life for life", in exchange for "mother and son safe". On the day of

Lin Qin's caesarean section produced 10,000 milliliters of blood.

is equivalent to three times of blood exchange in the body, and the difference between life and death is only a millimeter...

Every mother and child is a life-and-death acquaintance.

Every baby can come to this world, it is the mother's courage to save her life. The experience of Xia Jinju in the documentary Shengmen is very similar to that of Lin Qin. Xiao/p>33-year-old Xia Jinju was diagnosed as a dangerous placenta previa. Generally speaking,

means that the placenta grows above the incision of the previous cesarean section;

and then the placenta passes through the uterine muscular layer and goes into the bladder, which poses a great risk for the operation.

Kexia Jinju was very optimistic, and she smiled lightly and said:

"What's so nervous about having a baby? I'm not the first child."

The family was infected by her happiness, and immediately put down their hearts, laughing and talking in a warm atmosphere.

Fortunately, after entering the delivery room, Xia Jinju gave birth very smoothly. Unfortunately, at the moment of the baby's birth, Xia Jinju bleeds 2,000 milliliters.

The massive hemorrhage could not stop at all. After trying many methods, the doctor had no choice but to remove her uterus.

originally thought that the disease was under control, but at this time, the heart of Xia Jinju suddenly stopped beating.

Doctor emergency rescue, defibrillator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation... The operating room was busy.

After emergency rescue, Xia Jinju recovered her heartbeat...

Just as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, her heart stopped beating for the second time.

After another round of emergency rescue, the heart of Chrysanthemum morifolium finally regained beating.

But everyone knows that if there is a third cardiac arrest, people will be gone. The husband of Xia Jinju did not come to the hospital because he was busy with business. The father of Xia Jinju, who had been restless outside the operating room, was anxious.

He was told that "the son born is very healthy".

He said I didn't know, I didn't ask, and then he kept looking in the direction of the operating room.

< p> The old father who has been saying "Mother will come out safely" is waiting for his daughter's report of danger.

The doctor told him, "She bleeds seven or eight thousand, and we have been giving her blood transfusion, which is equivalent to two blood transfusions of her whole body... ;

She is in danger of life at any time, so you should be prepared psychologically...

The old father returned to the hospital bench and hid his face and wept bitterly...

After operation, Chrysanthemum morifolium was transferred to ICU for observation. During the operation period, her whole body blood was changed four times;

On the third day after operation, Chrysanthemum morifolium was covered with tubes, and the cumulative bleeding had reached 18,000 ml.

After sobering, Xia Jinju kept wiping her tears and said

"Never thought that such a dangerous thing would happen to her."

Never forget, in the operating room, the doctor shouted: "Heart failure...

There is never 100% safety in childbirth --

For every mother, having a child is a life-threatening gamble.

Birthday of the child, mother's distress day. The advent of life is so difficult that it is worth celebrating year after year.

After watching the video clips, tears filled her face

Every mother who has survived the pregnancy and the birth of a baby has endless difficulties in her heart.

Pregnant women who dare not take medicine or inject

uncomfortable can only resist

uncomfortable can only resist

uterine contraction, internal examination, tear, lateral section < p> < strong>

for one month.

lateral incision wound inflammation, mammary gland inflammation

never slept a whole night from birth. <<


There was a message from a mother who was very distressed after reading:




I personapersonally bear everything in the delivery room, two-degree tearing, sewing needle sewing Health After the child came out, it was very simple!" Every time I think about it, I want to cry.

often hear some men say:

"Which woman does not have children? Is it just a matter of ripeness? What's good for affectation?

But they don't know what it is like to experience "just a wife who walks into the delivery room once in a while".

How painful is spontaneous delivery? Some Baoma recalled that

"the pain was very intense, feeling that the waist of the lower abdomen circle was hit by the hammer continuously and severely, feeling that the waist was almost broken;

But after the pain lasted more than an hour, the doctor came to examine the palace mouth and found that only two fingers were opened... I was so wet that I cried with pain;

and the "sledgehammer" that was pulled up hit me for seven hours without interruption, and it broke down until it reached 10 fingers...And so on.

even to the side cut, after giving birth to the baby without anaesthetic stitches, are already painful numbness.

img src="/1ydzximg/0L4Oxknkcn"/>

For caesarean section, the mention of "pressing the floor of the uterus" is simply a nightmare that does not want to look back. < p > < strong > Sheena had twins after birth < / strong > < / P > < strong > < p > < strong > < pressing the bottom of the uterus < / strong > < p > < strong > < pressing the bottom of the uterus < / P > < p > < p > < p > < p > < / P > < img SRC = "/ ydzximg / 0L4OxkO014"/< P > < br > < p > < p > < p > < p > < strong > < what is pressing the bottom of the uterus

means that after cesarean section, nurses need to press your stomach for several consecutive days.

This can help mothers eliminate postpartum lochia and hemorrhage, and promote uterine contraction and recovery.

If the recovery is not good, there is a high risk of massive bleeding or uterine prolapse. Of course, the more severe the pressure, the more effective it is.

Baoma said that pressing the pain of the uterine floor is like "five thunders bombardment"-

"knife pain to speech pain, then pressure, dizziness, press once I cry wolf, really collapsed..."

Female pregnancies and childbirth sufferings, husband really can not replace.

But the companionship and consideration of husband can also alleviate women's pain and anxiety psychologically. <<<






sincerely hope that all men will live up to your women's expectations and affection for you.

Source of materials:

Documentary "The World on Earth" second season, Documentary "Shengmen"

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