Late night delivery room: For love elopement, female college students'children were in distress. Why did the doctor beat the Mandarin duck?

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Late night delivery room: For love elopement, female college students'children were in distress. Why did the doctor beat the Mandarin duck?

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In our hospital's obstetrics and Gynecology department, the night shift starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 8 a.m. the next day. Every night in the delivery room, there are different stories...

"Doctor, my girlfriend, is going to have a baby, but the baby is stuck and can't be born!"

More than 11 o'clock at night, I was on duty in the delivery room, received a call for help, the phone was the voice of a helpless man.

"Call an ambulance and bring it to the hospital." Ten minutes later, an ambulance flashed an ambulance light and pulled the pregnant woman Xiaozhou to the hospital. The doctor Jiang on duty checked and found that the fetus in the belly of the puerpera was not in the right position and the foot had come out first. However, the uterine mouth was too small and the fetus had not been delivered.

In the operating room, the fetus was rescued for half an hour. Finally, the fetus failed to survive because of the long time of the birth canal, asphyxia and hypoxia.

The life of the puerpera in Xiaozhou was saved, but because of excessive blood loss, it needed hospitalization.

Little Orange said sadly, "If you come to the hospital early, you'll be all right. It's a pity, a boy."

"Why are you having children at home?" The next day, when Dr. Jiang was making a roundup, he asked Xiaozhou, "Don't you know how dangerous it is?" There are too many unknown factors in having children at home, and they are too irresponsible for the safety of mothers and babies."

"We can't help it either." Xiao Zhou said helplessly. Xiao Zhou is a sophomore at Media University. During his stay in school, he met his boyfriend. However, his parents disagreed with them. For love, Xiao Zhou left school to work in Beijing with his boyfriend. During this period in Beijing, Xiao Zhou's boyfriend was reluctant to work after a period of security. He stayed at home every day, indulged in games, and had little income. His rent had been owed for half a year. What's more, Xiao Zhou is pregnant during this period. Because they had no money, their daily food was just a few packages of instant noodles. Weeks without nutrition are not very healthy.

When the delivery was near, because of lack of money, the boyfriend did not send Xiao Zhou to the hospital, but gave birth at home, and eventually something happened.

At noon, I went to the ward and gave infusion for a week. I saw several steamed buns on the table beside the bed and a can of curd bean curd. Xiao Zhou's boyfriend, bowing his head and playing games on his mobile phone, I was surprised and asked, "You're going to give this to your girlfriend?"

"We have no money." The boy said indifferently.

"Do you know that a week needs nutrition? She's very weak and anaemic now. How can she just eat these things?

"However, the cost of surgery has not yet come together." The boy was embarrassed to say.

"Dr. Jiang, Xiaozhou's boyfriend said that they have no money now. Can the hospital and operation expenses be delayed for a few days?" In the duty room, I relayed Xiao Zhou's boyfriend's request.

"No, no money, let them find their parents." Dr. Jiang said ruthlessly.

In the delivery room for so long, I really did not see Dr. Jiang so ruthless. After a while, Dr. Jiang said, "I have such a big daughter, too. I certainly don't want my children to be with an extremely irresponsible person at this age. At night, I came to Xiaozhou's bed.

"Call your parents, you can't go on like this." Xiao Zhou said, "Xiao Hong Jie, my boyfriend's family is in the countryside and he has no money to give him."

I said: "Call your mother." Xiao Zhou said, "I'm afraid of her."

To put it mildly, Xiao Zhou refused to say how his parents were connected.

Finally, Dr. Jiang came up with a solution: "Xiaozhou's ID card, we are not photocopiing it, through the ID card, find her parents."

Little Orange said half jokingly: "Dr. Jiang, you are going to beat the mandarin duck this time and break up your true love."

Dr. Jiang said with a bitter smile, "Dystocia, no money for medical treatment, pregnant malnutrition...... You know, if the daughter who has always cherished the treasure meets such a scum man, her mother's heart is bleeding." I can't accept the fact that a person who doesn't want to work and can't even support himself can't find a girlfriend and have children without responsibility. On the third day, Xiao Zhou's mother and father arrived. Originally, they wanted to go directly to the ward, but they were stopped by Dr. Jiang. In the doctor's duty room, Dr. Jiang and Zhou's parents talked for a long time. Xiao Zhou's parents finally met Xiao Zhou in the ward.

At first sight, both mother and daughter were stunned. Xiao Zhou did not expect their parents to come. Xiao Zhou's mother did not expect her daughter to be weak and changed, and both of them cried with headaches. Parents have to go home with them in a week, but Zhou is still a little reluctant.

"I don't want to go back with them, Little Red Sister, we are true love."

"Is true love like this?" I couldn't help saying, "Without financial resources, I don't want to go out to work and earn money. I play games at home every day. Then, I say I love you. True love is not like that."

"But," what does Xiao Zhou want to say?

I said, "At your age, you should study carefree in school, not here with us, and endure such hardships." Xiao Zhou did not speak any more and fell into a long silence. The next day, Xiao Zhou's parents settled the hospital expenses, thanked us, especially Dr. Jiang, and took Xiao Zhou home. In order to let the week have a better rest, the first class cabin is specially booked on the plane. Every time the doorbell rings, life knocks at the door. Quietly, listen to the midwife Xiaohongjie telling you the stories of the delivery room where life and death depend on each other. What will happen next night? Pay attention to Little Red Sister's "Late Night Delivery Room Series Stories".