"Mum, I'm so tired. Do I want to sleep for a while?" But the child never wakes up.

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"Mum, I'm so tired. Do I want to sleep for a while?" But the child never wakes up.

2019-01-13 09:03:13 1217 ℃
< p > < br > < / P > < p > A few days ago, an 8-year-old boy with severe coma was sent to the rescue room by his family.

Doctor's examination found that the child had multiple organ failure. The child wakes up for a few minutes as doctors and nurses try to rescue him. Within a few minutes, the child said a word: I am too tired to sleep.

and then fell into a coma and never woke up. The doctor said that the most important thing is that the child has no will to survive, that is to say, the child lives too tired, which is a sudden death caused by overwork. Can you imagine it? Such a thing as fatigue and death should have happened to such a young child!

What exactly did he experience? With the increasing pressure of life today, many parents are unwilling to let their children lose on the starting line. Many parents have reported many remedial classes to their children. The purpose is to make their own. Recently, something happened. During the night remedial homework, the children suddenly suffered from nosebleedy. When they were sent to the hospital, they had rescued the invalid death.

His mother regretted it. The mother who wanted to be strong was not willing to spend her whole life in a flat way. She saved money and reported many extra-curricular classes to her children. She filled up her children's time every day and urged them to study strictly. Since kindergarten, children have not had a day off on Saturdays and Sundays, and are dragged by their mothers to various remedial classes.

Think about it and cool behind your back. When did the person who should guard himself the most become the one who persecuted himself the most?

In people's impression, the most important learning task is the stage of middle school, because whether we can enter an ideal university is directly linked to the future development of our children, so in high school, we can achieve our goals only through continuous hard study. In people's minds, the lowest learning pressure should be primary school and university. Primary school is relatively simple. Colleges are relaxed and free. But the fact is not so. Nowadays, the pressure of primary school students is very great. Every day, they have to face a lot of homework. With the baton of the college entrance examination, no students can be relaxed and pressure-free, even primary school students. Besides completing the assignment of the subject, they have to face all kinds of cram schools, interest classes and so on. It is really a mountain of pressure!

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This picture can be seen everywhere in life. Nowadays, pupils'resistance is relatively poor. From time to time, they will have colds and headaches and fever. Especially in the season of transition, it is very common. For teachers, it is impossible for them to suspend the whole class without assigning homework because you ask for leave alone, affecting others. The progress of students'learning, so many pupils, even if they are not feeling well, have to endure pain to complete all the assignments assigned by the teacher. In the picture, this pupil should be a fifth or sixth grade student. The pressure of elementary school promotion is very high, unlike that of the first grade. As long as one lesson is slightly dropped, the following lessons will not keep up with each other, so there is no alternative but to one. Who won't be distressed to see such a sensible child while doing his homework and being a parent?

Every time when the child takes the parent's hand and says, "Mom and Dad, I don't want to go out of class, can I play?" "Parents, though distressed, want to give them more time to rest and relax. But as children of the same age still shuttle between tutoring classes, other parents tighten their children's strings even tighter. Whether to give the child a holiday is to distress the child or to indulge the child? Parents are also confused.

After all, the body is the capital of revolution. Without a good body, how can we have a good future? Please don't put pressure on children over their age. So, learn to relieve pressure on children, not to give them too much burden. After all, they are still young and need a childhood that belongs to them. Is this requirement really so luxurious for our parents?