After 95, the mother suffered from "undead cancer" and her husband's cell phone was disconnected on the day of rescue.

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After 95, the mother suffered from "undead cancer" and her husband's cell phone was disconnected on the day of rescue.

2019-01-22 17:29:32 951 ℃
Wen Yifan, a 22-year-old Wuhan girl, is a 95-year-old girl, but she already has a lively and lovely son who can play and jump. Recently, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and has been treated in hospital, but only her mother and her husband have appeared only once.

Wen Yifan suffered from this disease, also known as "immortal cancer", belongs to autoimmune disease, due to the sensitivity of the autoimmune system, overreaction, attack and destruction of its own substances, will involve multiple organs, can not be completely cured, but through treatment, the disease can be stabilized under control.

Since his illness, Wen Yifan's husband has only appeared once, or when the hospital gave Wen Yifan a dangerous notice, his mother-in-law called him. Who knows that he came not to care about his wife's illness, but to take his son away. When he was opposed, the husband said such ruthless words: "You don't let me take my son, what am I going to do?"

Mother Wen said that on the day of rescue, her daughter called her husband, presenting a shutdown state. At present, nearly 200,000 yuan has been spent, but Wen Yifan's husband only took 19,000 yuan, has been "out of touch".

img src="/1ydzximg/0L9WNSp8nF"/>p>Wen Yifan has a strong desire to survive, and she wants to live. She said that when she came out of ICU, she would close her eyes and see something black. If she wanted to take her away, she encouraged herself and told herself that she wanted to live and hold on. The son is also lively and sensible, he will use the pump to inspire his mother, see the mother wearing a mask, know that the mother is distressed, say "mother is distressed". Seeing such a lovely son, Wen Yifan strengthened his confidence to survive.

netizens also wrote messages to share their knowledge of patients with lupus erythematosus after reading them. These people control their illness through treatment and hardly affect their lives. Hopefully, Wen Yifan's illness will be better soon. He will live strong and watch his son grow up.

In the face of major events, couples should have shared weal and woe together to shield each other from the wind and rain, but in the end they separated because of various realistic factors and forgot their promises. This not only destroys family relations, but also affects the cultivation of children's sense of responsibility. If the child follows the sick parent, he has to bear the pain of abandonment from an early age. If he follows the escaped parent, he will grow up into conscience torture.

If you don't want your child to become a person who has no sense of responsibility and no responsibility, and you don't want your marriage to break up and sink into injustice, you shouldn't abandon your wife when you encounter difficulties. Even if you can't afford medical treatment, you can accompany your family. Compared with money, the following qualities are more important in marital life. < p > < p > 1. Love each other. If two people marry because of love, they will be more tolerant of each other, and life will be happier. Maybe love will pass with time, but under the baptism of life, the beauty of love will be missed.

p>2.Know how to be grateful. Only when one knows gratitude can one understand the beauty of the world, understand the other's efforts, think about something, and take it for granted. Living with such a person will not "give everything but get no warmth". < p > < p > 3. Strong sense of responsibility. Responsibility is the burden on one's body. A responsible person knows the burden on his shoulders and lives with such a person so as not to be left alone when difficulties arise. Be ambitious. The ambitious people will strive for the family, so that the family will get better and prosperous. People without ambition not only have to live through it, but also may bring down the whole family. The external conditions of

tend to be "icing on the cake", while the internal quality will be "sending charcoal in the snow". No matter men or women, don't choose for each other's exterior. Beauty will pass with time. Money can be acquired through hard work, while the intrinsic good qualities are deposited from childhood, and eventually become the foundation of a foothold.

Maybe Wen Yifan's husband has other secrets. We don't make any guesses. We only hope that this strong girl can tide over the difficulties.