Mother's night feeding crashes? It's important to learn these five points and master the way to make sure that your baby wakes up to dawn.

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Mother's night feeding crashes? It's important to learn these five points and master the way to make sure that your baby wakes up to dawn.

2019-01-22 17:29:32 484 ℃
How long has it been since you gave birth to your baby that you haven't had a good sleep?

In children and sleep, most babies are always choosing their babies. As long as the baby cries, she feeds the baby, so that the baby develops the habit of sleeping with milk. Little wonder, if the baby eats night milk frequently after adding supplementary food for about 6 months, it will not only hinder them to develop the habit of sleeping independently, but also affect the quality of baby's sleep. Night is just the baby's vigorous growth. When vegetable secretion is strong, waking up frequently will hinder the growth and development of the baby. The author has arranged several methods to help children change their milk sleep, which are recorded as follows:

1, try to train babies to fall asleep independently

Many babies eat night milk because they can not fall asleep again after waking up at night. Therefore, sleep training is indispensable before quitting night milk. When falling asleep every day, babies are encouraged to fall asleep by tapping or touching their backs and humming children's songs. They are accustomed to sleeping outside of breast-feeding. When they wake up at night, they are encouraged to sleep without breast-feeding. They are also encouraged to send their father to another room to sleep. When babies find their mothers are really absent, they will be more comfortable. Make a sleepy sleeping environment

2. Like adults, before the baby sleeps, minimize external interference, so that the baby is in a quiet, dark and warm environment. After bathing, massage the baby gently, change a dry diaper, hold the baby in your arms or shake it in the cradle, and cover the baby. On the dry blanket, you can also give the baby some soft lullaby, the whole process should be as light as possible, not to interfere with the baby.

3. Be assured that the baby should not be moved to breast-feed

Sometimes the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. It may be because of temperature discomfort, long teeth and other reasons. The mother should know the amount of feeding needed by the baby at a certain age. When the baby is not hungry, she can observe the baby's condition. Is it because of the temperature discomfort, can properly adjust the baby's bedding; if it is because of long teeth, baby because of gingival swelling and pain and sleeping instability, then gently massage to sleep; if it is for other reasons, choose to deal with.

4, lengthening the feeding interval

At the beginning, babies may need to eat night milk frequently, and it is difficult to give up three or two times. At this time, Baoma can gradually prolong the feeding interval by 30 minutes every night, slowly prolonging the time between night milk, such as the original time of drinking at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, delaying by half an hour, and delaying by half an hour the next day. Slowly pull until 6-7 a.m., let the baby slowly develop habits, learn to self-pacify.

5, using pacifier and other tools to help babies stop sleeping

crying at night is not necessarily hungry, but more a habit, or sucking desire. So at this time can give the baby a pacifier, play a comforting role.

Of course, the method is the method. I believe that many soft-hearted Baomas will inevitably breast-feed their babies in the process of implementation, but if so, their previous efforts will be discarded. In fact, baby's milk sleep is not only a torture for Baomao, but also not conducive to the growth and development of babies, so in order to consider the long-term, Baomas must be "hard-hearted".