You always think that the cause of children's myopia, in fact, this is the real "crux"

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You always think that the cause of children's myopia, in fact, this is the real "crux"

2019-01-22 17:29:32 1293 ℃
The reason why you mistakenly believe that children are myopic may be wrong.

A 4-year-old girl, myopia has reached 400 degrees, recently wearing myopic glasses. This probably means that the girl's future life will have to be inseparable from the myopic glasses in front of her eyes. The mother of the child was a little depressed and said to me, "When the child was 3 years old, her eyesight was still very good. Once, when I went out with her, she could recognize a familiar friend of mine far away. When she found out, I hadn't seen it clearly." The little girl now goes to kindergarten middle school. "My daughter may watch too many mobile phones and stare at the small screen. She not only uses mobile phones for online classes, but also sometimes plays games... I knew that now, I would never let her watch her cell phone.

The mother also mentioned that there were only 30 children in her daughter's class, and three children wore glasses. Parents with short-sighted children guessed the reason

Dake was 6 years old and liked to read picture books and story books. Dake's mother said:"Children are introverted, unwilling to go out to play and use their eyes for a long time..."

Smile 5 years old and play Ipad everyday. Smile Dad said: "We didn't pay attention to it at the beginning, and the child was myopic before regretting..."

Potato is 4 years old. Potato mother said: "Children like to play with toys with little bear lights (red and dim lights). If adults turn on bright lights, children will cry. There is no way..."

Ding Ding is 3 and a half years old and has been wearing glasses for two months.


Does children's myopia result from watching TV or reading picture books for a long time and using too much eyes? Enlightenment from a special example

. In 1960, there was a famous "blind cat experiment" in the United States. Researchers wrapped the eyes of newly born kittens in cloth. Four months later, the researchers found that the cats were blind and could not see anything. No matter how the researchers tried to save them, it was no longer helpful. Scientists have found a similar situation in human babies. If a baby has been in a dark space since birth, the baby's eyes will not grow well and myopia or other eye diseases will easily occur.

In the past, scientists believed that myopia was caused by heredity, eye diseases and other factors, but the fact is that these are still special reasons. As more and more children become myopic in recent years, scientists have found the latest and very definite reason - lack of enough outdoor activities and light is the main reason for the prevalence of children's myopia nowadays. Because. This reason is similar to the blind cat experiment above. In childhood, children's eyes and brain belong to the stage of high-speed development. Without enough sensory stimulation, the corresponding brain neurons can not grow well, and "defects" occur.

Visual acuity researcher Kathleen Ross and others have done a study. They compared children in Sydney with children in Singapore and found that the myopia of children in the two places is quite different. Sydney has a myopia rate of 3 out of 100 children, while Singapore has 29 out of 100 children. Ross and others believe that compared with Singapore, Sydney children study a lot every day, but they also have more outdoor activities. When children have more outdoor activities, the retina receives more light, help the retina release dopamine, the children's eye axis elongation, not only to prevent myopia, but also to ensure the healthy development of children's eyes.

So the direct reason why so many children are myopic nowadays is not that they spend too much time watching cartoons, picture books and Ipad on mobile phones, but that they spend too little time outdoors.

How do parents prevent children's myopia? Three main points

1, having regular outdoor activities every day

outdoor activities are not only conducive to the physical development and brain growth of young children, but also can prevent children's myopia. For children of any age, should have more than two hours of outdoor activities per day. When children run, jump and chase outdoors, they receive enough outdoor light. Proper exercise can also help to promote the production of dopamine in their bodies. Then the problem of children's myopia can probably be avoided.

2, avoid long-term and close-range use of eyes

Some parents once asked the children if children's eyes were too close to the TV, mobile phone or picture book, it would easily lead to myopia. It is easy to cause myopia if you use your eyes too close. Because the long distance is too close to the eye, it is easy to fatigue the eyes, which is not conducive to the adjustment of the eye axis. Therefore, parents usually need to pay attention to children's eye distance when they watch cartoons or children's books. < p > < p > 3. Eat some food to protect eyesight

< img src="/1ydzximg/0L9SgazFRa"/> < p > Hami melon, mango, spinach, pea seedlings, sweet potato, carrot, green pepper, pumpkin, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables; and animal liver, dairy products, eggs, quail eggs, etc., which can be eaten regularly for children. Because these foods are rich in vitamin A and carotene, they can help prevent myopia.

When children look out of the house, they will see flowers, grass, birds and rainbows... These little things are indispensable to their growth, so don't confine children's eyes in the house. Key words of

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