Before the Spring Festival Transport returns home, we must tell our children: If we are separated, don't shout Mom and Dad.

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Before the Spring Festival Transport returns home, we must tell our children: If we are separated, don't shout Mom and Dad.

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There will be more than twenty days to celebrate the New Year. A large number of people who work outside will come home one after another, take gifts for their parents, hold their children's hands, and embark on the happy and hard way home. There are many cars and people on the way home. If you don't pay attention to them, parents and children will probably walk away. Therefore, no matter how urgent it is to go home, we must first be safe and go home safely for the New Year.

< h2> < strong > 1. The four places most easily lost on the way home during the Spring Festival Transport are < h2> < img src="/1ydzximg/0L8rDN5Qeq"/> < p> According to the statistics of the railway department, these places are prone to be lost during the Spring Festival Transport. Parents must pay special attention to them.

< strong> 2. How to prevent children from losing < h2> < p> on the way back from spring transportation? In order to prevent children losing on the way back from spring transportation, parents should take the following measures:

< strong> 1. The division of labor between husband and wife

< p> when returning from spring transportation, they should not only take care of children, but also prevent baggage loss, which often causes children to lose their baggage or luggage. Lost situation. Every time my husband and I go out with our two babies, we will have a clear division of labor, who cares for the children, who is responsible for carrying baggage, and who is responsible for their respective duties, so we will not be distracted. Xiaobao holds his wrist in his arms. Dabao holds his wrist in his arms

and is the safest to hold him in his arms, so that he is not small and easy to see and trample. If he is five or six years old, he can hold his wrist tightly, remember that he must hold his wrist tightly, and that he is easy to be crowded without holding his wrist firmly. The crowd dispersed. Wear brightly colored clothes for children

Do not let children leave their sight even for a few seconds in the crowded places of railway stations and passenger stations, but in case of emergency, it is better to wear brightly colored clothes for children. Once lost, it is easy to find them.

3, to prevent the loss of children, these Anti-alienation skills must tell children

< strong> 1. After separated from parents, tell children not to cry, don't shout "father and mother"

children will cry and shout "father and mother" in a hurry after they are separated from their parents. People know that children are lost, if they encounter bad people, they will be in trouble; second, they call their parents, without recognition, even if their parents are around, they may not think that they are their own children. The correct way to do this is to ask the children to call the names of their parents when they are lost with their parents. If the children are young, they may forget their parents'names in a hurry. We can let the children call their own names so that they can be more easily found by their parents.

2. Don't wander around after you have separated from your parents. Waiting for your parents to come to you in situ

after you have separated from your parents, your children will be very anxious and wander around, which will make it difficult for parents to find their children. Usually, parents will return to the places where they have lost their children, so we must tell them not to wander around. Go and wait for Mom and Dad.

3.Keep in mind the information of mom and dad, and ask the uniformed staff for help

from an early age, let the children remember the names and telephone numbers of their parents. Once lost, they can ask the uniformed staff for help. Usually, we can show the children some pictures, let the children remember police clothes, railway staff, flight attendants'clothes and so on.

4. Do not talk with strangers, reveal personal information

Some criminals will deliberately close to their children, ask their children some personal information, such as, what is the surname, family address, the name of parents, children are small, have no ability to identify, often others ask what to say, which gives the outlaws. It provides an opportunity.

We should tell our children that they should not talk to strangers, disclose personal information to others, and accept food handed over by strangers. Spring Festival Transport home is a good opportunity for safety education. Parents may take this opportunity to popularize the common sense of preventing children from getting lost. The best way to protect children is not to do it by parents themselves, but to raise their children's awareness of protection and let them learn how to protect themselves.

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