Wu Xiubo, who personally sent Xiaosan to prison, is a real dregs, but Xiaosan is not an innocent white lotus!

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Wu Xiubo, who personally sent Xiaosan to prison, is a real dregs, but Xiaosan is not an innocent white lotus!

2019-01-22 17:29:41 781 ℃
< p > < br > Wu Xiubo and Xiao San Chen Yulin will make a scene like this, one after another, until now < strong > a person who has lost his reputation and one who is in prison < / strong > is really beyond everyone's expectation.

Their dog blood story will start from the Mid-Autumn Festival last September. At that time, Chen Yulin accused Wu Xiubo in real name in the circle of friends.

According to her statement: She and Wu Xiubo spent seven years together and were brainwashed by Wu Xiubo's Buddhist Sutra before she collapsed. How did Wu Xiubo let her not make a scene and plan not to be separated from him for a lifetime? She even planned to have two children for Wu Xiubo's dog year

Then she described in particular how she did not stop at two doors and did her best to take care of Wu Xiubo

when the cattle and horses did their best, but Wu Xiubo's sacrifice was not grateful at all, not only controlled her personal freedom, but also was violated by Wu Xiubo's family, which made her hated by love.

Even after her remarks were exposed by the media, Chen Yulin said that he was hospitalized for depression.

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At that time, I was indifferent to Wu Xiubo, such a red flag at home does not fall outside the flag floating, and the middle-aged and old man who only wants to enjoy the happiness of the whole people is my abhorrence. But I also think that < strong > can erase seven years of emotions at will and portray itself as a "nanny" junior who works hard, complains and sacrifices his achievements. In reality, it must not be an oil-saving lamp.

< p> < strong> clearly means to get involved in other people's families and break the morality of extramarital affairs. As for making oneself so hard-working and highly meritorious, do you suffer grievances? At that time, I told my dad that this junior is not easy, and there will be follow-up. Unexpectedly, after the explosion of Xiaosan, the storm slowly subsided, and things quieted down, thinking that Wu Xiubo used money to put Xiaosan out. Who knows, just the day before yesterday, Chen Yulin's parents suddenly sent an open letter on her micro-blog, and the amount of information was astonishing. Originally, Xiaosan had not spoken for such a long time. He was not flattened, but arrested. What's more, it's Wu Xiubo's bureau.

Chen Yulin's parents said that after Chen Yulin (Mumu) complained about Wu Xiubo's serial extramarital affairs in the circle of friends, Wu Xiubo took his lawyers and team to Chen Yulin and asked Chen Yulin to admit publicly that his previous statements were untrue to save his image. For this reason, Chen Yulin was willing to give Chen Yulin a break-up fee as compensation , Chen Yulin agreed.

Wu Xiubo said that his bank account was frozen and only paid part of the compensation. In November, Wu invited Chen Yulin to return to China to discuss the follow-up issues. As a result, Chen Yulin was arrested when he got off the plane, and Wu Xiubo was the official informant. Chen Yulin was jailed for exposing his privacy and extorting money. He may face 10 years'imprisonment. During the months of Chen Yulin's arrest,

his parents had been begging Wu Xiubo to raise his hand and let Chen Yulin have a way to live, but they had not succeeded. Lawyers for Wu Xiubo's team say that Chen Yulin's actions have caused Wu Xiubo at least one billion dollars in economic losses, which may directly end Wu Xiubo's acting career. Let them not disclose to the public in any way, or they may face legal sanctions. But they decided to defend their daughter's interests!

Now they find their daughter in prison, while Wu Xiubo's drama is filmed and money is earned. They decide to disclose the truth and hope that her daughter will come out earlier.

This letter was forwarded by Wang Sicong, and attorneys of Wu Xiubo who quickly entered the public eye

sent a statement and responded that Chen Yulin's accusation was not true, and the contents of Chen Yulin's parents'open letter were not true. But it is true that Chen Yulin was arrested on suspicion of extortion.

At the same time, the lawyer warned Chen Yulin's parents and all media self-Media and netizens sternly not to disseminate false information and deny the notification. Wang Sicong also forwarded lawyer letters, <



after a night of silence, Wu Xibo's wife issued a statement

>>>>> Wang Sicong also forwarded a lawyer letter,

However, her remarks were not accepted by the public. The public opinion stood on the side of Chen Yulin's parents and thought that Wu Xiubo was too cruel. Shortly after

, Chen Yulin's mother sunned out the short messages she sent to Wu Xiubo

which she read at the first glance. They were words of love, full of a mother's worries about her daughter. But if I read more than a few times, there will be some doubts. I have been engaged in the work of text editing for 16 years. I am a senior text worker. In my eyes, the mother's writing background can be said to be quite strong, and the logic is clear. Such writing ability and logical reasoning ability are not particularly right compared with the profession described by her as a conductor. Name!

and I admire Chen Yulin's mother's ability to puzzle so neatly, which is absolutely ahead of many peers. After

, Wu Xiubo did not give any response. Only Liu Liu, a writer who had worked with him, wrote a long article in which some questions were mentioned. < p > < p > 66 said Wu Xiubo had no money and no status before he performed Heart Skills.

But after the heart-acting art caught fire, Wu Xiubo suddenly caught fire, which happened to meet Chen Yulin

From the introduction of June 6, it can be seen that just started, Chen Yulin worshipped Wu Xiubo incomparably. But slowly, the halo fades, and after the worship disappears, the relationship between the two people is more dependent on money. Wu Xiubo often transfers money to Chen Yulin's overseas account without telling his wife. Even Six Six Companies have transferred money to Chen Yulin's overseas account countless times. (It is suggested that the difficulty and legal risk of domestic remittances abroad should be properly understood)

Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin had been separated and merged for the last two years. In order to break up, Wu Xiubo took a lot of money out in an attempt to get rid of Chen Yulin, so that more than 100,000 people would have to borrow it later.

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The reason why Chen Yulin was finally sent to prison was that she asked for a sky-high price and asked Wu Xiubo to come to the account within a week, and exploded black material before the account was reached,

img src="/1ydzximg/0L8sCCxbgP"/> Chen Yu-lin could not extort Wu Xiubo from the sky-high price, so she had to showcase her wife He Zhenya. He Zhenya, who knew the truth, was determined to send Chen Yulin to prison. In her opinion, the worst result of was that Wu Xiubo was disgraced and had nothing, but Junior Three was not going to die well.

Things have come to this point, and the general truth can be pieced together!

Firstly, it is true that Wu Xiubo and Chen Yulin have been together for seven years. And it was after Wu Xiubo became famous that he was together. Wu Xiubo thought he had found a devoted admirer of himself. Who knows that the other party is more interested in his own money?

This is really in line with the actual conditions of many slag men and junior three collocation.

Many men, when they are poor and unsuccessful in their careers, can share happiness and sorrow with their wives, be responsible for their families and be single-minded.

But after struggling hard for a period of time, he entered middle age and began to achieve success and success in his career. Once you have some money in your pocket, men are different. He found himself suddenly the most popular type of man for girls. Many young and beautiful girls looked at him with adoring eyes, no matter what he said, even their own nonsense could be appreciated. The worship of

has never been seen before. In these men's 20-year-old green years, their career is not successful, and those beautiful, gentle and attractive girls of the same age who are in the flower season often do not look them in the eye. This is a blow to men.

< p> < strong> had a hard time staying in middle age, making great achievements and sailing through thousands of sails. They knew clearly the situation of 20-year-old girls. Their preferences, pressure, burden, even the reasons for their angry and quarrelling, and the middle-aged uncles generally understood. When a 20-year-old girl encounters problems, uncles can give their opinions intimately. Especially if the uncle is handsome, famous and rich, and gives the right advice, it will be able to make little girls become super girls.

When he sees the expression of the little girl, the old man's heart is more foolish. They also want to be young again and replace those bad years that were not accepted and recognized. At this time, the man will easily go off the rails and get into the junior middle school.

In the final analysis, Junior Three is satisfied with their desire for power, which is the proof of their charm.

So many men cheat as soon as they have money. In the final analysis, this kind of man is scum, especially for the original match and children who fight with him, it is scum. Wu Xiubo falls to the present situation where everyone shouts and fights. He deserves it, and the slag man deserves revenge.

and now such a blow is more deadly to him than to put him in prison, because for him, deprivation of career reputation is the biggest blow.

Secondly, for Chen Yulin, she fell into prison, which was a bit sad, especially when she was treated like this by a man she once loved. It was really chilling. < p > < p > but it is not worth sympathizing with. After all, is Junior Three. The junior high-ranking still wants to be with men for a long time, have children, and strive to shape their own image of true love, then what is Wu Xiubo's wife? Did she not know that Wu Xiubo had a wife and a family when she plunged into Wu Xiubo's arms? If you know, you're going to have to plunge in one head. Is it not hateful for such a junior? Look at the complaint she wrote and wash herself too clean. Is it true that she was brainwashed by Wu Xiubo's Buddhist sutras before she died? Come on, what's so easy to brainwash successfully? Strong > If not