The difference in living conditions between the early-born babies and the late-born babies is clear at a glance.

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The difference in living conditions between the early-born babies and the late-born babies is clear at a glance.

2019-01-31 10:26:00 464 ℃
< p > I don't know if you have found that women want children more and more late now, some even in their 30s just started to have children. When the baby was born, the mother was almost 36 years old, but on the contrary, some of the mothers did not. They gave birth to babies early, and then continued to enjoy their lives.

Some time ago, when I went shopping, I met a very lovely girl who was a salesgirl in the shop. She was about 25 years old and thought she was still unmarried. After a few words, I realized that she was 30 years old and her children were 5 years old and went to primary school, but she really looked like single. Listen to me. Others in the store said they often had customers to introduce her.

But if the birth of a child is very late, my colleague can be said to be a classic case. My colleague is 48 years old this year, a child is 10 years old at home, and her colleague is not trim and exaggerated every day. She looks like 58 years old. Standing with her son is really like grandmother and grandson, and she doesn't tidy up herself at all. It's really sloppy.

So, how old a woman has children is really a very important issue, after all, 25-year-old and 35-year-old mothers are women, especially in their normal life. What's worse is not a single star and a half:

1, circle of friends

25-year-old mom, even after the birth of a child, her mind is still very young, even when she is a mom, the circle of friends is still more about self-timers and beautiful photographs. When she grows up with her children, the mom's mentality is relatively relaxed with her children, and she won't think too much about it. In this way, Baoma will not grow old.

But if it's a 35-year-old mother's parents, it's different, because for women, 35-year-old babies can also be regarded as an elderly maternal, more can be said to be old children, then the child's Baoma will certainly pay special attention, the circle of friends is certainly mostly about children, let people see that this is an old Baoma's circle of friends.

p>2, consumption concept

25 years old as a mother, even if BMW is at the age of 27 after two years of children at home, BMW is still very young, even if it is easy for BMW to go to work to find a job, so this kind of BMW will not lose her turn and will still have to buy for herself. Skin care products and so on.

35-year-old BMW is different. There are many problems to be considered when she reaches a certain age. Especially when she has children, she will surely devote herself to her children and lose her life completely, not to mention spending money for herself. So this is the most different point between the two BMWs.

How old were you born to? Do you think there is a difference between a 25-year-old mother and a 35-year-old baby? Welcome to comment and share in the following comments: -