How difficult is it to take a baby alone? Which of the 28 motion pictures did you see crying? The second one is too sympathetic

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How difficult is it to take a baby alone? Which of the 28 motion pictures did you see crying? The second one is too sympathetic

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< p > "How tired can you bring a baby with you?"

< p> "What else can we do if we can't see a child well?"

"What do you think of children?"

"If you don't do anything at home all day, you can see what's not enough for a child?"


I dare say that people who can say these words usually don't bring dolls. A woman who can give up her job as a full-time mother must have saved the galaxy in her last life!

Otherwise, how could she possibly shoulder the responsibility of taking a baby by herself? Since becoming a mother,

insomnia has been completely cured

because there is no time to sleep at all,

Where did insomnia come from?

Bryant once asked reporters, "Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at 4am?"

Mothers only laughed scornfully when they heard it: I've seen it at 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the morning, and I see it every day. If you can't sleep, get up and make breakfast.

can cook with one hand and hold a supervisor with the other.

But cooking is not the most difficult for a mother, and

Waiting for a baby to eat is the disaster scene.

Bear children and spoons are like positive opposite poles of magnets, and

can never touch each other.

I can't really see it anymore. I'd better be a Buddhist mother and let him do it by himself.

So when I eat, my head is always deep and low.

It's not that I love this meal deeply,

but that I fear that I will explode as soon as I look up.

< p> After eating, you need to buy vegetables, and take your baby out to let out the wind.

The boss's phone happened to be holding the baby in one hand, and the moment I opened the door with one hand rang,

Well, without three heads and six arms, I still have a good shoulder, which is the best mobile phone bracket.

Bags and small bags with dolls finally tossed home, I just want to lie down on the sofa for a while, can lie down for only half a minute, nose-picking and eye-digging will come.

I'm not sleeping, you can't sleep!

Picture book has been told three times,

Cockbears or the spirit of the child to let you speak for the fourth time...

Children sing until their mouth is dry, their eyelids are fighting, they are frightened and deceived, and their organs are exhausted...

The Bear Child still stares at you innocently and wishes to pick it up and give it two shots on his ass...

Sleeping is a long-lasting war of attrition, no skill, all by mind.

Finally the baby boils down, let the bear accompany you, the old lady will go to let go of herself.

After an hour of boiling, the little ancestor finally yawned. At this moment, he did not want to see his naive sleeping face at all, but wanted to leave at the speed of light.

Who knows the buttocks have not been twisted, the palace play has not been brushed up, and there is a howl in the bed - where are you, Mom... uuuuuuuuu

If the baby is there, the dream is there, but the sleep can not be restored from scratch... uuuuuuuuu

The fear of being dominated by sleep makes mothers practice a good job.

three steps out of the room Lingbo micro-step, Duan Lang sees, I am afraid to marvel that the old lady is a martial arts wizard.

When the baby sleeps, it's the party time! It's just housework, but it's also a rare freedom...

Occasionally, the doll will come and help with filial piety, sweeping the floor or something, er, the family must have just been robbed by horse thieves... uuuuuuuuuu <

I fold one. He can "fold" ten pieces


>Well, my neighbors almost suspect me of abuse. <

Many people actually take it for granted that taking children is such a thing, they all think that taking children is such



and so on drop

and so on drop

Every mom lives to the kindergarten on the basis of a fairy breath. When Cowa grows up, do you think it's easy? Don't worry, there are hundreds of millions of grains of rice waiting for you. Count slowly < p > < p > it's still a long time. Haha < p > < p > people who have not experienced meals, food, sleeping and toilets are not enough to prove that you have been a mother.

Every woman will eventually be forced into a superwoman by her doll.

So cherish your leisurely pregnant time, because when you have a baby, you become a mother.

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