Don't buy insurance for your children easily! You'll save a lot of money by bypassing these four pits! uuuuuuuuuuu

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Don't buy insurance for your children easily! You'll save a lot of money by bypassing these four pits! uuuuuuuuuuu

2019-01-31 10:26:03 444 ℃
< p > < br > We have pushed articles on insurance before, and the response from parents is more than we expected!

Various educational expenses, medical costs, cost of living and so on make parents expect the importance of "insurance", and it seems logical to buy insurance for their children. However, there are so many insurance products, because the news of buying insurance tramples is not uncommon.

Once you make a mistake, you are in a dilemma: surrender your insurance policy and lose a sum of money; if you don't return it, you will lose as much, maybe even more. With the coming of the Lunar New Year, many Baomas plan to arrange their babies and family's insurance in time for the Spring Festival. How to choose insurance? Xiaobian specially supports you today, hoping to help your parents avoid the trap and not jump out of the pit! uuuuuuuuuuuu



What are the common "routines" in insurance?

  • This insurance not only guarantees, but also provides education pension, and the child can only buy one insurance for the whole life, that is it!

  • < li> < p> This guarantee is given in vain. After 60 years, the insurance premium will be returned in full. If you have a disease, you can save money without a disease! uuuuuuuuu

    < li> < p> Whoever can save, who can delay, to the baby can not save, budget? 30% of your income is OK! < p > < / Li > < li > < p > If you buy insurance, you must find acquaintances. Otherwise, nobody will pay attention to you when you are out of danger. Only our acquaintances will help you apply with the insurance company.

< p> Insurance is not so much a "routine" for us as a failure to understand the essential role of insurance, which makes it easy to get around. The essence of

insurance is good, but before buying insurance, don't be blind, but sort out your needs well. The most urgent thing is health risk. As for the education pension, marriage pension and children's pension just mentioned, they are not the most urgent needs for parents, nor do they have to use insurance to solve them. The natural principle of

insurance is the principle of compensation for loss, which guarantees the economic losses caused by various possible causes.



There are four kinds of baby health risks. How to buy early childhood insurance?

Babies may encounter health risks, divided by severity, in the following four aspects:

  • only need to go to outpatient clinics

  • < li> < p>

    lighter illness or accidental hospitalization risk

    < li> < p > heavier illness or accidental hospitalization risk < p> < Li > < p > < Li < p > Major disease risk

< p > Babies in 0-5 years of age belong to the stage of infirm and sick, and now the medical expenses are so expensive that the medical expenses become a relatively heavy burden for parents. Medical insurance is very important for babies at this stage of

. But insurance companies also know that babies are sick at this stage, so the price of millions of medical services is very high for children under 5 years old, even for adults over 45 years old, and premiums will drop several times after 5 years old, which also shows that the medical needs of 0-5 years old babies are very strong.

But there will be 10,000 deductibles for millions of medical treatments. What should we do about the risk of minor illnesses that children only need to go to the clinic frequently?

First of all, social security must be bought, which is the basic welfare provided by the state. Social security is very important for medical insurance. Not only is the premium much cheaper, but also the reimbursement rate will be much higher.

Secondly, it can be supplemented by accident insurance for children with in-patient medical treatment. The insurance amount is usually 1-50,000, which is sufficient for hospitalization of common diseases, mainly for children aged 0-5 years. In this way, the risk of early childhood can be well solved.



Babies grow up and need more protection. All kinds of universal insurance?

5 years old, or to the school age of babies, you can use with accident medical insurance or accident insurance coverage.

The older the child is, the cheaper the contingency insurance with hospitalization is. Usually, about 100 people can buy hospitalization insurance of 10,000 yuan, which is enough at this stage. At this time,

, many parents realized that even if there were 50,000 in hospital, it would not be enough in case of a serious illness. Yes, it's not enough, but the risk of major illness can be transferred by major illness insurance.

The cost of treatment for major diseases such as cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular diseases, etc. is about 3.5 million at this stage, which is indeed a huge expense for the child-rearing families. When is the cheapest time to buy major illness insurance? Childhood stage!

Serious illness insurance generally has three types: periodic, lifelong without death and lifelong with death. Mothers can choose the corresponding insurance according to the following schemes according to the family budget.

2000 baby insurance budget: regular 30-year 800,000 insurance, 2 million medical insurance, 100,000 accident insurance (including disease hospitalization minimum insurance)

5000 baby insurance budget: life 500,000 insurance multiple indemnity + fixed 30-year 800,000 insurance, 2 million medical insurance, 100,000 accident insurance (including disease hospitalization low insurance)

< s< Trong>5,000-plus baby insurance budget: 800,000 life-long multiple indemnity + regular 30-year 800,000 insurance, 3 million medical insurance, 200,000 accident insurance (including low in-patient insurance for diseases)


be careful of the pit of additional risks, and do not become a big grievance

. "Ion" < img SRC ="/ 1ydzximg / 0LCsjfcHQ" / > < p > Some mothers said that the insurance I bought for my baby is more omnipotent, including serious illness insurance, hospitalization, and even accident insurance. A single insurance will fix everything. However, this screen full of additional risks, BMW has to have more than one mind.

This is a typical bundled insurance. The main insurance guarantee is weak, some even zero, and the additional insurance is all kinds of wool. However, if an additional insurance is pulled out and purchased separately, the premium will be cheaper than the additional insurance, and the normal logic is that the additional insurance should be cheaper than purchasing separately. However, it is a typical shopping mentality of new mothers that they are willing to spend a lot of money on their babies. Insurance companies grab their mothers'pigtails and then circle in a lot of premiums. Is it unjust that the money has not been guaranteed yet?