Is it the same to have a daughter and a son? Don't be silly. There's a big difference. It's only when you're a mom that you understand.

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Is it the same to have a daughter and a son? Don't be silly. There's a big difference. It's only when you're a mom that you understand.

2019-01-31 10:26:04 454 ℃
With the opening of the second child policy, many families are preparing for the second child war. Some families may have a daughter in the first child and a son in the second child, while some families have a son in the first child, but the second child wants a daughter in the opposite way. After all, the word "good" is more satisfactory for the whole family. But in real life, for a family of one child and one daughter, we often see that some parents tend to favor their daughters and ignore their sons. In fact, the reason is that boys are easier to raise than girls, and boys are stronger and braver than girls. They can solve problems by themselves in many cases, but sometimes they may not be parents. In that way, maybe boys need more attention and favor from their parents.

Recently, a mother in a group of Baomas said that her husband was an only child, and soon after their marriage, the couple became pregnant and their lives were very happy. During pregnancy, the mother-in-law said she liked eating sour food very much, and before that, most of the pregnant women had hot and sour daughters. So the mother-in-law and her husband always thought that the baby she was pregnant with must be a boy because the mother-in-law's eating habits made her family very good to her. The husband came back to accompany her every day after work, amused her, and imagined the future with her. A good life for three people in a family; mother-in-law stews all kinds of nourishing soup every day, as long as she says what she wants to eat, mother-in-law will do it immediately. Every time the husband and mother-in-law accompany her... She thought that her happy life had just begun, but she gave birth to a daughter in labor. The attitude of her husband and family changed. Her mother-in-law and husband became more and more indifferent to her. The mother-in-law was very distressed. Is it really bad to have a daughter? Why is there such a big difference in the treatment of children born in some families? Should it really be the phrase "mother depends on son"? This is a question worth pondering, and it is also a question worthy of careful consideration by every parent or expectant parent.

As to whether it is good to have a baby or a daughter, netizens all insist on one word. Some Netizens feel that many families are only children now, and their daughters will marry sooner or later after they have daughters, leaving their parents to die alone; some netizens feel that few children live with their parents now, and there is nothing wrong with having daughters, but daughters are more careful than sons; some netizens feel that a daughter and a son are good, of course. It's for families with second births. In fact, the birth of children is for a family should be joy, sons and daughters are God's common gift to a family, not the family chose children, but the children chose the family.

has seen an example of a netizen wanting a girl before giving birth because the girl is a thoughtful cotton-padded jacket, but when she enters the waiting room, she no longer wants her daughter, because of the pain of having a baby, she doesn't want her child to try again. She wanted her daughter, but because of the pain, her idea changed, because she liked to have children not for her own sake, but for the happiness of her children.

From the point of view of taking children, there may be no difference between having a son and having a daughter in infancy, but the difference is obvious when one or two years old. The boy's instinct is active, the son's arrival is to bring vitality to the ordinary family, especially when the son grows up to more than one year old, he will find that he is like an electric motor, constantly moving, feeling full of energy, will not feel tired. Instead, he was surrounded by a family who made everyone exhausted, breathless and happy.

Girls are mostly quiet, belong to the kind of Barbie doll can play for half a day, the arrival of girls is to bring warmth to a family. When a girl is one or two years old, she can not only wear budding clothes, but also take pictures with her family. Girls a little older, will help parents take slippers, put clothes, and even help with cooking, tea, water and so on when they leave work.

In short, it's better to have a son or a daughter. Only when you become a mother can you know. Every child is an angel, the crystallization of parents'love. Daughters are gentle, making the family warm; sons are lively, bringing vitality to the family. So whether your original intention is to give birth to a boy or a girl, your results are unsatisfactory or your dreams come true, please treat your children kindly!