Fifteen-year-old girls are pregnant five times in two years and abortion four times. What kind of love is this? Wake up, he doesn't love you

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Fifteen-year-old girls are pregnant five times in two years and abortion four times. What kind of love is this? Wake up, he doesn't love you

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The greatest feeling in my heart is my respect for life when I have been a gynecologist and obstetrician for so many years. According to the statistics of the Health Commission, China has 13 million abortions every year, ranking first in the world. According to my experience in obstetrics and gynecology for more than ten years, part of it is caused by natural abortion and unexpected circumstances, but most of it is deliberate termination of pregnancy under normal fetal development. There are some reasons for

, even exotic flowers.

Let me tell you three stories first.

The first story

The daughter-in-law is pregnant and the maternity examination is normal.

But the mother-in-law was crying in the hospital, forcing her daughter-in-law to either kill the child or divorce.

said that the child "commits a crime of the moon", said that the daughter-in-law should die by herself, don't pull her son.

and his son did not say a word, leaving his daughter-in-law crying aloud.

I don't know what it means to commit a month. Later, a nurse told me that there are some places where such superstitions exist. If a child is born in the same month as the zodiac, it will bring about fathers and mothers, and bring disaster to the family. I don't know how to solve the problem in the end, but from the performance of the daughter-in-law in the hospital, the child can't be saved.

The second story

There was a pregnant woman who aborted three times in two years, each time the child had been three or four months.

I thought the child had a problem, but the results of the examination showed that everything was normal.

Every time she had an operation, the doctor tried to persuade her that it was too harmful to her health.

But she said nothing, her face was firm, but her eyes were full of despair.

Not long after she came out of the operating room during the abortion in May last year, she fainted and fell to the ground. A large amount of blood oozed from her body. We rushed to rescue her and confirmed that multiple abortions caused uterine perforation and caused massive bleeding. After the operation, the doctors rejoiced and rejoiced to save their lives. A sentence from their family members made me feel cold from the bottom of my heart for many years and poured cold water on all the doctors present:

Look at your ability to raise a kid several times, it's not like a baby can still shed its life away, so delicate can do something else!

(You have no ability to conceive a few times even boys, abortion can also lose their lives, so delicate what can you do after that?)

< p> The original woman had three runs in two years just for a boy!

Every time a pregnant mother-in-law takes her to a small clinic to check her gender, she is forced to flee when she sees a girl!

What's more annoying is that her husband joined his mother-in-law to scold her!

The third story

It happened in the past two years, when it came to the news.

15-year-old girls are pregnant five times in two years and abortion four times, which is completely voluntary!

She said:

He was the first one I loved so much.... I didn't think so.

Listen how ridiculous!

Finally, she called the man, and the man said that he didn't want the child and that he didn't need to contact him in the future.

How many young girls are not responsible for themselves in the name of love and think abortion is a "reasonable method of contraception".

"Who didn't meet a few dross men when he was young?"

"Oh, how can I say that I am too young to have an abortion? I should be crazy when I am young?"

"No way, if he doesn't want to wear a condom, it counts. Who makes me love him so much, what is abortion for him?"

Whether it's a feudal superstition or a preference for boys or girls, maybe it's in their ignorance of abortion. In my eyes, that little life is just a pool of blood, or a trouble. Love is the most important thing!

Don't give birth to a son, it's a shame to go out in the future!

Don't you just have a baby? Now that technology is so advanced and a good doctor's money is in place, there's nothing different

Who told you that abortion is painful, it's a temporary thing, and absolutely safe? Who says that abortion has no sequelae and it is useful to recover slowly? The next thing to be said in

may cause discomfort, but I try to keep it within acceptable limits, because I want them to know that

does not flow out of their bodies as trouble,

is a living life. Abortion within 10 weeks was performed in

< p> because the fetus was relatively small and negative pressure aspiration curettage was used. <

Step 1 >> first step >, > first step , first step

>>>>>>>>>> Step 3 The fetus ( Attention, the embryo is alive at this time! uuuuuuuuuuu Dismemberment in uterus and aspiration out of the body! uuuuuuuuuuu

Step 4 : Remove residual embryonic tissue with a uterine key.

and the earliest time for sex determination of the fetus is 10 weeks later. At this time, the fetus has grown bones, and negative pressure aspiration curettage is no longer effective and can only be curettaged with more cruel forceps.

< strong> preparation stage : Before curettage, cervical dilatation rod should be placed in the body of the mother for 24-48 hours to fully dilate the cervix.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDVCn55cO"/>

Step 1 : Intramniotic injection of ethacridine to induce labor (this step of fetal death)

Strong> Step 2 : Next, large suction tube or forceps are selected to enter the uterine cavity and puncture the amniotic membrane to release amniotic fluid so as to avoid the occurrence of amniotic fluid. Water embolism.

Step 3: Find placenta position with pliers, gently clamp it, and pull the placenta and uterus out by swinging and pulling. After the placenta tissue was clamped, the fetus was located from the uterine cavity.

< p> Usually, the fetal head is broken by forceps, and then the fetal head is twisted and removed after it flows out of the brain plasma, and then the fetal body is forcepped in segments. If the gestation month is large, the limbs will be dismembered first, and the placenta will be stripped after the fetus is removed.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LDVCnGMJx"/>

strong> Step 4: After the basic forceps are removed, the uterine cavity remains are cleaned up by suction head, curettage is used to scrape the uterine wall residues, at the same time the "corpse" clamped in front of the head is determined to have two legs and two hands, and the skull can be assembled into one head

strong, painless, safe and safe. All of them are false

Now we often hear the words "painless", "visible", "superconducting", "microtubule" and so on, and even advocate what is safe, reliable, non-invasive and fast recovery.

Here I responsibly say: at present, the artificial abortion all over the world is using negative pressure suction or forceps curettage, all abortion will be damaged. < p > < p > 1. < strong > injury in operation < / strong >: when induced abortion is curettage, some endometrium will be scraped more or less, which is undoubtedly a great harm to the uterus, may cause uterine perforation and endanger life. Uterine perforation is accompanied by damage to the intestine and bladder, and amniotic fluid embolism is minimally likely to occur during surgery. < p > < p > 2. < strong > intrauterine adhesions < / strong >: Negative pressure aspiration or forceps curettage can cause different degrees of damage to the endometrium. If the injury is serious, it may also cause intrauterine adhesions, cervical tube adhesion, etc. Severe cases may even amenorrhea, affecting the next pregnancy, need surgical treatment, < strong > and the therapeutic effect can not guarantee . < p > < p > 3. < strong > leak aspiration and abortion incompleteness < / strong >: sometimes the gestational sac is small or the position is not good, it is easy to leak aspiration, need to be operated again; if the abortion operation does not completely remove the pregnancy, it will bleed repeatedly, and if necessary, it must be cleared uterus again to increase the chance of endometrial injury. < p > < p > 4. < strong > reproductive system infection < / strong >: artificial abortion destroys reproductive system barrier function. If preoperative patients have vaginal inflammation, inadequate disinfection effect of surgical instruments or premature co-habitation after operation, it is easy to cause retrograde infection and cause endometritis, salpingitis and even pelvic inflammation. All these may lead to increased risk of tubal obstruction and pelvic adhesions. < p > < p > 5. < strong > cervical laceration < / strong >: larger gestational sac requires surgery, sometimes dilatation may damage the cervix, resulting in cervical dysfunction in the future, leading to abortion and premature delivery.

6. abortion syndrome: In artificial abortion operation, the cervix is stimulated, some people will have nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, asthma, sweating, limb convulsions, hypotension, arrhythmia and so on. Serious patients may also have a series of symptoms such as syncope, convulsion, shock and so on.

7. psychological burden : Many women will have deep guilt after abortion, even develop into depression, some people can not even forget their whole life, every mention, will cry loudly.

To go further, irregular menstruation, reproductive tract infection, placenta previa and ectopic pregnancy are greatly increased, leading to infertility and endometriosis.

Abortion can cause great and irrecoverable harm to the body, and every accident can be fatal. At the end of

< strong>

< p> having a boy will not make you rich. The idea of continuing incense is out of date and equal between men and women.

A foolish superstition will not make you happier, but will plunge you into an abyss of infinite pain. < p > < p > Blind love is not only about the heart, but also about the body, even facing the capital of a new life.

No story can be your right to deprive your life!

I have been struggling with the layout in the article for a long time. Would you like to send it up? However, if we do not realize the decline of life, how can we cherish life? I don't expect an article to change everyone's minds, but it's enough to save a life. A small forwarding may not represent life, but this time it may save a dying life!

I am the October bacterium, I serve the world's mother, at the same time, this time, I cry for the world's life!