When my 6-year-old daughter ran to her uncle's room at night, Dad felt wrong and went to see her tears.

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When my 6-year-old daughter ran to her uncle's room at night, Dad felt wrong and went to see her tears.

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As children, I think what they want most is to have parents'company and love in their childhood growth. But the reality is often unsatisfactory, forced by life, as parents also want to accompany their children, but in order to support the family, they have to go out to work.

Liu Jian now has a 6-year-old daughter. His wife fled when her daughter was one year old, on the grounds that Liu Jian's family was too poor. After the wife disliked the rich and the poor, she abandoned her father and daughter and left, and then broke off contact.

Liu Jian also has a brother, Liu Hua, who is disabled and always limps when walking, so no one wants to hire him. He has been picking up waste and living in his hometown all the time. Knowing that after his sister-in-law fled, in order to live, Liu Hua told his eldest brother to leave the child at home and take care of himself so that he could go out to make money.

At the beginning, Liu Jian could not bear to part with his daughter. He felt that her daughter was so young that she had no mother's love and had no father's love. But thinking that if he did not go out to make money, his daughter would have a very hard life in the future, he relentlessly gave her to his brother Liu Hua to take care of.

This is a look for six years. During this period, Liu Jian will only go home to see his daughter during the Spring Festival. Because her daughter stayed with her uncle for a long time, he was close to Liu Hua instead, but did not talk to his father Liu Jian. Liu Jian was very puzzled, and often blamed his brother for not mentioning my father in front of his daughter.

Recently, Liu Jian returned home because his relatives were married. This time, he found a very strange thing, the daughter is very wrong. Every night, my daughter would run to my uncle's room and pull up the curtain as soon as she entered the door.

The next night, her daughter was the same, and Liu Jian followed her. He saw his 6-year-old daughter changing dressings for his uncle in the crack of the door. Liu Hua said in her mouth, "You just came here, but your father didn't see you. I don't want him to worry about me." Daughter said: Uncle rest assured, I am very careful, Dad will never know. It turned out that brother Liu Hua hurt his back in order to save his daughter. She couldn't put medicine on it, so she went to help her uncle.

Liu Jian shed tears. He thought that over the past few years, his brother had more love for his daughter than himself. He sometimes did not understand and blamed his brother. He apologized to his brother.