Babies with these three bad habits may become uglier and uglier, and mothers should correct them in time.

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Babies with these three bad habits may become uglier and uglier, and mothers should correct them in time.

2019-02-09 09:17:57 244 ℃

Yesterday, my sister and I turned the album and saw the pictures of two people's childhood. I suddenly compared the pictures of our childhood with the pictures we have now. When I looked at them, I suddenly felt a little confused. How could I feel that I had grown askew when I was growing? Believe that many people have this feeling, and even the elders have a saying: when you grow up beautiful people, but not necessarily; when you grow up ugly people, grow up will become very good-looking. This statement does not seem to have any scientific basis, but we can think about it from another angle, that is, our appearance is not only affected by innate influence, but also by some bad habits acquired.

Indeed, the shape of each organ of the baby is still in development and has strong plasticity. If the baby develops some bad habits and fails to correct them in time, it is possible to change the shape of each organ of the baby. Next, let's take a look at the baby's little habits, which will make the baby more and more ugly.

Babies sleeping sideways

Mothers may find that children around them have sideways and sideways. In fact, a large part of the reason is that the baby's head habits are biased to one side while sleeping. In addition, when the baby is under one year old, the baby's skull is very soft, skull suture is not fully closed, long time to one side, it is easy to be compressed and deformed. As a result, the phenomenon of deflection appears.

Correction method:

1. When a mother takes care of a baby, if she finds that the baby always leans his head to one side, she can help the baby to change the direction of his head so as not to keep the baby's head under constant pressure.

2. Don't use stereotyped pillows for babies. For babies under 3 months, the cervical spine and spine are in a straight line. They don't need to pad the pillow for the baby, but they will make the baby uncomfortable.

Open-mouth sleeping baby

If long-term open-mouth sleeping baby, will affect facial development. Because open breathing, hard palate will be impacted by airflow, causing deformation. Maybe the baby will have protrusion of upper lip, depression of chin, irregular teeth, or the phenomenon of buckling. Not only that, babies open their mouths to breathe during sleep, but also bacteria enter the respiratory tract through their mouths, causing respiratory diseases.

The reason why babies have this habit may be that babies have breathing problems or other diseases. Mum must not neglect it.

Babies love to bite their lips

Some babies especially like to bite their lips. For this bad habit, mothers should correct it in time, otherwise the development of baby's teeth and face will be affected. We know that having a good row of teeth can add points to the baby's face value. If you bite your lips regularly, you will squeeze your teeth, widen the gap between your teeth, and your teeth will become irregular, so that your baby's appearance will naturally be affected. Not only that, the baby who loves to bite his lips will have a wider front and back distance between the upper and lower incisors, and the chewing ability will also be affected.

Good habits can benefit babies for life, but babies are still young and do not know what good habits are and what bad habits are. So the guiding role of mothers is crucial. Babies'bad habits must be corrected in time, and do not let their babies do whatever they want.