"Don't let Grandma take care of the children!" The mother's remorse silenced countless people...

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"Don't let Grandma take care of the children!" The mother's remorse silenced countless people...

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Late last night, my friend sent me a video that made me red-eyed when I wanted to sleep on time.

Because her daughter is so busy at work, her mother has to leave home to take care of her children.

In the process of helping her daughter take care of her children, there are frustrations and helplessness everywhere. After reading, people can not help but shed tears... Source:

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Mother is old, many places appear to be unable to work, electronic products will not be used, looking at the granddaughter's disappointed eyes, my heart is not a taste...

Called her daughter for help, but received a busy voice and a cold automatic response.

The child suddenly had a high fever in the middle of the night, and the mother sweated the child's quilt, but her daughter blamed her for being too stubborn.

"I'm under so much pressure. Are you here to help me or..."

The daughter did not say the second half of the sentence, but when her mother understood it all, she stood in the same place, like a child who made a mistake.

The daughter was going to the hospital with the baby in her arms. The anxious mother wanted to go with her, but she was refused.

"Don't go, you have to take care of you when you go..."

I don't know when the mother who helps with the children has become a burden.

After her daughter left, her mother was left alone and crying. Where did she not do well enough? Mother has always been strong, but at this moment, she can no longer bear to cry out.

How much does the mother want to share the fatigue for her daughter? She even exhausted herself in everything. In the end, she was deeply disliked. How sad and helpless her mother should be.

Maybe, I'm really old and useless, and I can't help my daughter any more... A sentence from

I may be old enough to express my mother's indescribable grievances.

I wanted to share for you, but I always made trouble for you.

Sorry, my mother wants to go home...

But in reality, who can not abandon his mother while inseparable from her mother?

Even if the daughter always can't help losing her temper, the mother has never had half a complaint! A survey showed that nearly half of the children in

were brought by their grandparents. In order to take care of the children, nearly 18 million elderly migrants came to take care of their children.

beside me, many people are brought up by grandma. Not only mothers but also mothers grow up with us. A friend in the background told me that a few months ago, because she was distressed by her daughter who had just given birth, her mother threw down her 2-year-old grandson to help her take the baby. In fact, her mother-in-law would help, but all she did was for her children, saying that she did not care about her daughter-in-law.

Husband often goes home to lie on the sofa without asking, and starts to play with his mobile phone, just like a big man.

once, because of drug allergy, she was in a semi-coma.

Mother was in a hurry, staying by the window, touching her forehead and feeding water. My mother-in-law kept murmuring:

"Doctors say it's okay to eat and drink." My heart is very big. After she woke up, her mother-in-law brought a large pot of pig's hoof soup directly to her and asked her to drink it to nurse the baby.

But the mother did not eat, hungry stomach to take care of her and her children, until the girl fully recovered, and then hurried to grab two bites of rice.

Mothers treat children as their second child. In order to make the girl recover as soon as possible, mothers sleep only three or four hours a day.

Feeding, playing, sleeping, laundry, changing diapers and miscellaneous housework, in a few months, my mother's temples were all white.

Once, she overheard her mother calling her father, her exhausted voice mixed with a few chokes.

These days are too tired to sleep very much. Is everything all right at home?

tired, mainly the girl, if we can come home a little closer to our home for a few days, ah, alas...

Let's not talk about it. The baby is going to wake up. I'm going to wash the milk powder.

She pretended to go to the toilet and hid in it crying until the next day her eyes were red and swollen.

Take your baby for yourself, do your best and spare no effort. Only your own mother can do this. After reading this friend's message, I recalled the hot words on the internet:

This is a time when grandma took the baby with her grandmother, her mother gave birth to grandma, her father went online when he came home, and grandparents came to watch.

is not Grandma's idleness, but because she knows that she does not help take care of the children, but suffers from her own daughter. Before

, there was a very hot video. A young mother was feeding her daughter one by one, and her mother was feeding her one by one.

Photo Source: @Aimee Lei

Even if you are a mother, you will always be a child in the eyes of your mother, as long as she is around you, she will do her best to guard you.

Girls have a pair of twins, fearing that their daughters are too busy to come over, their mothers moved directly and took the children along with the housework.

She washed the chopsticks and coaxed the children. Although she was tired, she was satisfied to think that the girl could relax a little.

Photo Source: @Water is waking ice

After watching the video, I also recalled the time when my mother helped me take the baby:

I was busy with my work, and the task of taking the baby was entirely left to my mother, who had no time to rest herself. Before

, because I always had the last meal with my baby, when it was my turn, the food was cool.

Later, my mother always asked me to eat first, and she was the last one to eat. She often deceived me that she was not hungry and would be full if she ate a little.

Not only take children, but also my clothes and shoes to wear at work, and my mother will help me prepare them in advance.

Every time I saw her busy working for me, my nose was sore, and I even regretted letting my mother take my baby for me! At the moment of

, I suddenly understood the true meaning of a sentence:

What is the quiet time in the world? It's just someone who carries the load for you!

We owe too much to our mothers, but our real life makes us unable to help ourselves:

The report to be submitted has not been completed, working overtime day and night, the urging of leaders in the work group... Parents are more tired than we are at work to help us take dolls in order to share our pressure, but they never complain about being tired.

Bringing dolls should be our responsibility. Parents'help is because you are their children. They can't bear to see you so tired!

Although sometimes we always dislike our mothers for not keeping up with the times and making mistakes everywhere, mothers pay 100% of their attention to our children and us.

< p> They will secretly learn to take baby skills, will change the pattern of good food, will also be guilty of making a small mistake.

Therefore, we should be more considerate and understanding of them, give them more care and companionship, year round, say thank you to them!

"Mom and Dad, you have worked hard".

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