The baby's head is blue. The mother insists on going to the hospital despite the obstruction of her family. Doctor: It's too timely.

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The baby's head is blue. The mother insists on going to the hospital despite the obstruction of her family. Doctor: It's too timely.

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Hello, officers and gentlemen, today our theme is: the baby is a blue head, the mother insists on going to the hospital despite the family obstruction, doctor: come too timely, then we will get to the topic together.

Because the child is in a lively and active age, and if he is in the stage of learning, his body is difficult to control balance. He often falls bluish and swollen and even breaks his face when he is serious. At this time, parents feel extremely self-reproached and blame themselves for not taking good care of their children. They usually take their children to see a doctor immediately. Sometimes, the children fall down without bleeding, and the parents can not be big. What do you mean?

Ms. Wang of Qingdao is a full-time mother. Her son, who is three and a half years old, is lively and active on the right and is the happy fruit of the whole family. On weekdays, children especially like to run around downstairs square and play with their children. At home, I always like to jump and jump, there is no quiet time. Mrs. Wang was afraid that her son would fall on her hand, so everywhere in the family that might hurt her son, she was covered with anti-collision bars, such as TV cabinets, tea tables, dining tables, corners, doorframes and so on. The floor was covered with crawling mats. When friends went to Ms. Wang's house, they all praised Ms. Wang's care in taking children. When taking children out to play, Ms. Wang is afraid to leave the child half a step, always protecting them. When there are dangerous places, she also prevents her son from playing. Parents of children who play together are too nervous to see Ms. Wang. They advise her, "We should let the children play, not watch too closely, the children are too big, and they will be careful." Mrs. Wang always smiled and nodded when she heard this, saying, "I know that overprotection is not good for him, but I just can't help it." After that, he smiled helplessly.

One day at noon, right and right were playing with children in the square. Mrs. Wang was watching. Just then, she came to an acquaintance and chatted with her acquaintance for a few minutes. Suddenly, Ms. Wang heard the cry of right and right, ran over, fell right and right on the steps of the square. At that time, her forehead was blue, and Ms. Wang was distressed when she saw it. No stop, hurry to carry right and right home. After arriving at home, my mother-in-law also cooked a meal. Mrs. Wang washed her hands and planned to have dinner together. This is right-right, but she said she was a little sleepy and did not want to eat. Mrs. Wang listened to this sentence and told her mother-in-law that she would not eat any more. She would take her right to the hospital to have a look at her forehead. My mother-in-law said, "It's all right. It's just green. In a few days, if you're right and right sleepy, you can let him sleep first. Let's eat first." But Ms. Wang insisted on taking her right to the hospital. Although her mother-in-law was puzzled, she accompanied Ms. Wang to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, right and right kept saying sleepy and wanted to sleep, and Ms. Wang kept coaxing right and right to keep him awake. Finally saw the doctor, the doctor heard Ms. Wang's description, arranged to do a brain CT right-hand immediately. When the results came out, the doctor said that thanks to Ms. Wang's timely arrival, CT results showed that there was a congestion mass in the right head, intracranial hemorrhage, and drowsiness, indicating that the situation was more serious. Fortunately, Ms. Wang's arrival was more timely, otherwise the consequences were unthinkable.

Later, after a week's treatment in the hospital, the doctor said that she could go home after a full recovery, and Ms. Wang's heart was completely laid down. The mother-in-law is also grateful that the daughter-in-law's response is timely enough to avoid a greater tragedy.

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