Why can children see things like "ghosts" but adults can't see them? Science gives you the answer

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Why can children see things like "ghosts" but adults can't see them? Science gives you the answer

2019-02-09 09:18:03 232 ℃

Many older generations often say that children before the age of 7 can not go out at night for fear of being entangled by bad things because their eyes are not closed and they can see spiritual things. If the children in the family suddenly get sick repeatedly and cry constantly, the old people will also be attributed to the "eyes of heaven". Is there any scientific basis for this statement?

might as well take a look at some of the experience of the Internet first:

@Dada: This is a strange thing to say, my baby took to relatives'home more than three months ago, suddenly burst into tears in the middle of the night, how to coax all bad, for several days in a row. Later, the little aunt said, is not my mother-in-law showing her spirit, go to her old grave tomorrow. Fragrance, and then put some cinnabar under the bed to try, and then the baby really did not cry.

@Release: Now I think about it, the hair is going to stand up. My grandmother died several years ago. She liked the jujube-red cotton jacket best. Once she returned home with her 2-year-old son and he was having a good time. She suddenly stared at the apricot tree in front of the door and laughed. I asked him why, pointing to the apricot tree, and said, "My mother-in-law!"I asked what to wear. Clothes, the son answered, "Red" almost did not frighten me to death, you know, the son has never seen his mother-in-law.

@Cherish Ming: I also remember that my child from home often laughed at the picture frame of God of Wealth on the wall for six months, and kept talking about some strange things in his mouth. Once I deliberately blocked the portrait, he cried for a long time and hit me while crying.

@Weiza: One night I took my child to the riverside to play, the child began to have a fever that night, and kept saying, "Go away go away", take it to the hospital for transfusion, but it was not good, and kept crying. My mother-in-law scolded me after she knew that I had died before the river, and the next day she took the paper money and said it in front of the child. Some words, and then burned, did not expect that the baby is really good. After reading the answers of the four treasure mothers, it seems more and more abstruse, but superstition is superstition after all. From a scientific point of view, what is the truth? < p > < p > 1. The baby's nervous central system has not yet developed. If suddenly stimulated, such as being frightened or overexcited, the nervous central system will appear temporary imbalance, so there will be more than crying.

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2. Babies'immunity was poor. Suddenly, they were susceptible to cold when they came to a new environment or went out to catch cold at night. For younger babies, their language ability and cognitive level are limited, and it is easy to confuse what they have seen or heard with reality. In addition, their imagination is rich. Many things do not form a correct understanding and take fantasy seriously. They are also prone to make some strange words, deeds and actions.