Dad comforted her crying daughter and found herself routinely. Netizen: This girl is a little good at acting.

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Dad comforted her crying daughter and found herself routinely. Netizen: This girl is a little good at acting.

2019-02-18 18:32:36 451 ℃

Recently, a video has been circulating on the Internet, which is particularly interesting.

At the beginning of the video, a very lovely foreign girl was crying all the time, which made the father beside him very worried and did not understand why the baby daughter was crying all the time. So the father kept asking his daughter, but the daughter was crying sadly and wrongly and did not answer.

Finally, the old man had the ingenuity to ask his daughter if music and food could make her happy. Unexpectedly, the little girl heard this and immediately opened her eyes and stopped crying. The little girl took the initiative to tell her father that there was music in a children's series and she could sing. Maybe this could make her happy.

Dad went on to say whether to order or not, and the little girl nodded her head, indicating that peanut butter and jelly would be OK, or that she could prepare other surprise foods. At this point, the father basically understood his daughter's routine, said he could try to make her happy, and sighed: Woman, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

Finally, the little girl was filled with delicious snacks and sat down to watch TV while eating snacks. When Dad asked her daughter how she felt, the little girl said she was happy and happy. Seeing her daughter satisfied, Dad couldn't help it. It was funny.

For the little girl in this video, netizens all expressed their cuteness and praised the girl's acting skills. Some netizens also felt that the father was very gentle and patient, indicating that under normal circumstances, crying for no reason would be beaten.

I believe that many parents are familiar with such scenes. Now children are much smarter than before. They want something or achieve a certain wish. Sometimes they don't choose to talk directly to their parents for fear of rejection. On the contrary, he likes to routine his parents and get what he wants in the end.

In life, many parents are very defensive about their children's behavior of eating snacks, watching TV and playing mobile phones. They are worried that their children's teeth and health will be bad if they eat too many snacks, and that their children's eyesight will be affected by watching too many electronic products. But parents'blindness to prohibit, on the contrary, will enable children to use their brains to use all kinds of ideas, trying to find ways to get the happiness they want. Children will always have access to these things, when the harm may be greater. It must be unrealistic for parents not to let their children touch these things at all. Our goal should be to make our children feel happy and exercise their self-control at the same time. What can be done specifically? The following suggestions can be consulted:

1. Let children feel their growth, and make rules

parents can clearly tell their children that they are too young to eat sugar or watch TV, so that children know they can eat a little sugar and watch TV for a while, because the sense of ritual brought by growth will also make children realize that some things are not possible. 。 In addition, parents should consult with their children about how much snacks they can eat and how much TV they can watch, so that their children can participate in the discussion, and finally reach an agreement and make rules. In the process of implementing the rules, parents must have principles, not to compromise, even if the children try the bottom line, also can not be soft-hearted, and finally the children can only take the initiative to abide by the rules.

< strong > 2, enrich children's daily life

< p > Many times, those children who like to eat snacks and watch TV, because they have too much time, do not know what to do, feel bored, can only waste time like this. If parents have time to accompany their children out to play, or take them to some interesting activities, the children are focused on what they like, how can they think about watching TV and eating snacks all day?

< strong > 3. Respect children and let them realize their value

< p > Parents should learn to let go properly and give their initiative to children so that children can learn to manage themselves rather than defend their children. For example, we can give the remote control to the children, let the children turn off the TV within the prescribed time, put the snacks where the children can easily get, and watch the children's own reaction. Parents can guide, but not look at their children like prisoners.

Actually, this is also a kind of trust that parents have in their children. When children perceive this, they will become happy. Children will become more self-esteem and self-confidence when they realize that they are respected. Even if a child violates the rules, he will feel flustered and self-accused because he feels that he has failed his parents'trust.