The countdown to the start of school, the old mother can finally be liberated

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The countdown to the start of school, the old mother can finally be liberated

2019-02-18 18:32:35 425 ℃

In the next few days, a bitter family drama starring old mothers - < strong > Children's Holiday Life finally came to an end perfectly.

Flower Mother looked forward to the stars and the moon, and finally ushered in the dawn of the children's school. As the day of the first year of primary school approached, the flower mother's eyes could not help flashing the light of expectation. In retrospect of this month's life, flower mothers can't help weeping, because their vacation life can be perfectly summarized in two words: take a baby + work , and they are all in Plus edition.................................................................................. Since the first year of primary school, flower mothers have not stopped for a moment. In order to enhance the feelings of brothers and sisters, flower mothers purposely bought many toys to cultivate their cooperative abilities. By the way, they let the first year of primary school group collect toys. But < p > < p > did not think that the most thing that < strong > flower mother did every day was to tidy up toys < / strong >, sometimes just tidied up, and was messed up by two children. Parents of

holidays did not stop for a moment. Flower mothers felt infinite anxiety when they saw parents discussing where to take their children for holidays this year. < p > < p > < strong > not only choose the suitable place for children to play, but also take into account all kinds of unexpected situations on the journey, the degree of brain burning is comparable to that of tutoring children to do their homework.

Starting from the first day of childhood, flower mothers have to change their patterns for three meals a day. Sometimes they really can't think of what to do for their children. When they want to ask their opinions, the answer they hear is: I don't know...

and for parents, winter vacation is the period when children focus on leak detection and filling up. As a teacher, "special care object", Huama arranges a compact tutoring schedule for him, so half of her vacation life is either in tutoring classes or on the way to tutoring classes.

as the "child king" of the community, during the winter vacation, various small partners come to the home to have a little play every day, flower mothers are not only responsible for their safety, but also prepare snacks for them and become bakers. ,

at this time, Hua Ma can not help but begin to fantasize about her life after school: ,

and so on. After school starts, she spends a day doing housework, while she is sleeping, Hua Ma can apply masks, watch TV and enjoy her personal time.

What do you want to eat at noon? Don't worry about the nutritional imbalance of Junior One, don't think about the snack agreement with Junior One, just prepare some food for Tuanzi. When my mother-in-law is in the afternoon, she can also ask her girlfriend to go shopping, have an afternoon tea and make a spa. After that, she just stops by to pick up the elementary school.

Just as the flower mother was complacent with fantasy, suddenly the cry of the reunion came, and the flower mother remembered that there was a second child in her family who had not yet gone to kindergarten.

But to be honest, the joy of starting school for children can make flower mothers survive a week is very good. Isn't the new semester just a transition for mothers from child-taking mode to tutoring homework mode? After all, raising a baby is a painful and happy thing, and the old mother can only comfort herself in this way. How do your children spend their holidays?

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