The pregnant woman and the old man's bus "seat contention", the pregnant woman's words, let the carriage quiet

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The pregnant woman and the old man's bus "seat contention", the pregnant woman's words, let the carriage quiet

2019-02-18 18:32:39 296 ℃

During the Spring Festival, Flynn Mommy finally had time to get together with her friends. A friend was six months pregnant and didn't want to miss the chance to meet his sisters. So she had to take a bus to our hotel. She was late that day, even her eyes were a little red. We can understand the inconvenience of her actions, but she even cried like a crying, but also let us puzzled, asked, told us about her experience.

Friends belong to small and thin, plus she wore a wide cotton-padded jacket that day, which did not show that she was pregnant. During the Spring Festival, especially at five or six o'clock in the evening, there were a large number of people on the bus. She was relatively close to the departure station and got on the bus early, so she had seats and sat in the seat with ease. On the way up, a couple of old husbands and wives, about sixty or seventy years old, stood in her seat and watched her all the time.

Knowing that she was not like a pregnant woman and did not want to have a dispute, she stood up. The old man sat the old lady down, but she never even thanked her. She looked at the love between their husband and wife, and her sense of grievance faded a little. But when it came to the city center, there was a wave of people on the bus. The car was so crowded that she always stood beside the driver. She was afraid of crowding into her stomach because there were so many people behind her.

The driver stood up and said, "Go back, don't push in front! If you don't go back, this car won't drive today! " So he looked at my friend and said, "Don't say you, go back!"

At this time, her friend cried out wrongly. She put her hand on her stomach and spread out her clothes.

said with a choking voice: "I am pregnant, but from the beginning to the end I dare not say that I am pregnant, I even gave up my seat to the old couple, I know they can not see, but they did not thank me, I stood here squeezed by you! Afraid of being squeezed into his stomach, he stood in front of him, but... Now even the driver thinks I'm in the way..." The driver scratched his head and shouted at the carriage, "Are you ashamed? Let pregnant women stand here! Quickly give the pregnant woman a seat!" This made the old lady who had been sitting in her seat uneasy. Just about to get up, the lad next to her stood up. Friends say that they will arrive at the next stop, and they don't need to sit down..." The event of

also made friends feel bad at the party that day. In fact, whoever gives up his seat is out of public morality. It is not easy for everyone. No one has to give up to anyone. Since someone else gives up, a thank you must be at least there.

We often see some hot searches about pregnant women and their seats. Perhaps the most popular one is the old lady in Xi'an.

Pregnant women give up their seats when they get out of the car. For their own safety, the pregnant women said, "Slow down, don't touch me." Later, the old lady scolded her, suspecting that she had stood for several stations without giving up her seat. The pregnant woman explained that she was pregnant, but the old lady said, "What's wrong with you? I am an old man, you should give up your seat!" The issue of

has also led to many debates about the disputes between pregnant women and elderly people over seats on buses, both of which are caused by the disputes over this issue. Both sides have a belly to say that pregnant women are afraid of shaking their bodies and falling unsteadily, and the elderly are afraid of having inconvenient legs and feet and falling. But it is not advisable to "sell the old by relying on the old" or to kidnap others morally by relying on their own particularity, but the most abhorrent ones are those who occupy the special seats of the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, but ignore the special collective of the old, the young, the sick and the disabled.

There are not a few pregnant mothers like my friends. Most of them are those who do not want to cause trouble to others after pregnancy. They are not those who exercise their "privileges" relying on themselves as pregnant women. What's more, there are many disputes on the Internet. When they are forced to do so, they hide when they encounter old people.

When a pregnant woman takes public transport, it can be as follows:

< p> < strong> Avoid rush hour bus

< p> rush hour as far as possible. There are too many people, too many cars on the road, too many people have no place to sit, and it is useless to complain. Tragedies are unacceptable to anyone, so try to avoid the rush hour of commuting and take public transport.

< strong> 2. Old people forcibly give up their seats. Pregnant mothers who are not pregnant should explain the situation

Actually, for the sake of fetal babies, they can sit or sit on buses. Even if they are spotted by the elderly, they should also tell the other side that they are pregnant. Many old people are not the kind of "old sellers", so don't be wronged by a few "rat dung" on the Internet. Oneself. Moreover, most people will voluntarily give up their seats when they see this situation.

In order to avoid competition, there are special seats for the elderly, children and disabled pregnancies in both buses and metros. However, the other day I saw a picture of a pregnant woman on the Beijing subway. The two men were sitting in the Yellow special seat for the disabled and pregnant, wearing headphones. In front of them stood a pregnant woman, who was still invisible and did not look sick.

However, the pregnant woman did not want to carry out "moral kidnapping" on both of them. What do you think of it?

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