These three common antipyretic methods are at great risk and cannot be used on children.

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These three common antipyretic methods are at great risk and cannot be used on children.

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I got up in the morning and received a message from my friend Xinxin. This fellow usually told her to learn some popular science of parenting. He was always lazy and refused to learn. No, he almost ran into trouble last night. Let's take a look at what she said:

"Last night, the baby had a fever for three months, and her little face was red and her whole body was hot. I never met this situation. I was panicked. I don't know what to do. My husband said to wipe his body with alcohol, after wiping the baby's body temperature quickly dropped, but the whole body grew red pimples, frightened us, rushed to the hospital, only to know that alcohol caused skin damage, was a doctor scolded...

The sudden rise of body temperature in the middle of the night is a situation that almost every parent will encounter. The first time they encounter this situation, they will inevitably be in a hurry. How to deal with it correctly is very important.

The fever of children can be big or small, the good time can be fast or slow, if the parents of children with fever do not deal with it correctly, it is likely to cause a series of physical problems of children.

I once heard a parent say that the child's cold falls ill in three days and two ends. Once, taking medicine and infusion did not work well. One day, in spite of the cold weather, he drove the child out of the house and frozen midnight. Later, the child's illness was reversed, that is, to fight with poison. Even in the mothers group suggested using this method to try.

It is often found that mothers always like to teach others what they call their own experience, but some people always believe in these unreasonable ways of reducing fever. Let's pick up these risky methods.

< p > 1. Alcohol rubbing

< p > Some parents will use alcohol to reduce their children's fever. They also say that when they were young, their fever was so reduced by their parents, which is a kind of kiss-tested and effective tone.

This is what we did in the past when we were short of doctors and medicines, okay? With the continuous development of the medical standard of living, you still use this way will be out of date, harmful to children. The main component of alcohol is ethanol, which has volatilization effect. Ethanol volatilization does reduce skin surface temperature during wiping. But it may lead to skin damage, like Xinxin's children, alcoholism can be serious and lethal.

On June 13, 2015, Mr. Chang of Dongguan rubbed his son Xiaodong with alcohol. As a result, he was unconscious and immediately sent to Shenzhen Children's Hospital. As a result, he was not rescued.

< p > 2. People who used to cover their sweat and fever

< p> or TV series often heard that if they were ill or had a fever, it would be better to cover their sweat and sleep. Little imagine, mugging sweat will cause "mugging Han syndrome", children's poor ability to regulate body temperature, and mugging in the quilt may lead to children can not heat, body temperature soaring phenomenon. If the child is covered for too long, dehydration, coma, dangerous condition and death may occur. < p > < p > 3. Enema antipyretic < / P > < p > enema antipyretic, is to inject drugs through the catheter from the anus into the rectum to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Enema is used not only for fever and cold, but also for diarrhea, pneumonia and constipation.

Irrigated with various medicines, such as saline water, ribavirin, dexamethasone, isatidis root and Xiyanping, as long as they are water injections, it seems that they can be used.

1. Drug composition is complex and easy to cause liver and kidney function damage. < p > < p > 2. In terms of dosage, such as antipyretic suppository, the dosage is fixed and the weight of children changes greatly, so the dosage is not easy to be accurate. Moreover, the drug is easy to leak out and has a small absorption area. < p > < p > 3. Some drugs also cause allergies and local ulcers. < p > < p > 4. Improper intubation and enema may also cause intestinal injury, bleeding and even perforation.

There are also some common antipyretic methods that are not useful, such as antipyretic patches, antipyretic patches can only be applied to the part of antipyretic energy, but can not reduce the temperature. The most important thing is to alleviate the anxiety of parents, when a placebo. But antipyretic patches are expensive and ineffective. Why use them?

and ice-water bath and ice compress are easy to cause discomfort to children because of the great temperature difference, so don't use them. In fact, when a child has a fever, we only need such nursing:

Fever is the normal reaction of the human body to resist infection, and moderate fever can mobilize the body's immunity and help the body kill germs. And the principle of fever treatment is how children feel comfortable, if the mental state is good, drink more water, more observation is.

1. Drink more water, and can supplement water in a small amount and many times. < p > < p > 2. Children with fever can use safe antipyretic drugs when their body temperature is higher than 38.5 (< strong > ibuprofen or paracetamol), as long as one of them is chosen. It can be repeated once every 4-6 hours, no more than 4 times in 24 hours.

3, below 38.5 ~C, physical cooling can be used, for example, after dipping the towel in hot water, the towel is twisted and wiped in a semi-dry state. A hot bath is all right.

Finally, parents are advised not to listen to biased beliefs and prescriptions when communicating with each other about ways to reduce fever. There is a great risk that they will only harm their children. Do you have any comments on today's topic? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section. If Baomabao Dad has any other topics he would like to know, you can tell us. It's not easy to write. Please leave me some comments and forward them. Thank you, Doctor Raindrop.

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