Twenty-seven-year-old second-born mother stays up late playing with her cell phone and suddenly dies: the world really punishes those who are not self-disciplined!

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Twenty-seven-year-old second-born mother stays up late playing with her cell phone and suddenly dies: the world really punishes those who are not self-disciplined!

2019-02-18 18:32:40 1394 ℃

Moms, do you play with your cell phone before you go to bed at night?

In recent days, I was shocked by the news that a second-born mother stayed up late playing with her cell phone and died suddenly.

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This mother is Dong Bing from Zhejiang, because she got married early, and has two children at the age of 27, her daughter is 6 years old and her son is 2 years old.

Take care of the two children's diet and daily life during the day. Dong Bing is often too busy to watch his mobile phone online.

In the quiet of the night, when the child is asleep, she brushes her tweets, reads the news on her micro-blog, and strolls around Taobao to buy some daily necessities.

It is addictive to stay up late and play with mobile phones. Once bad habits are formed, it is not easy to give up.

< p> accustomed to sleeping late Dong Bing often insomnia, do not look at the mobile phone can not sleep, often play, until the early morning. On the day of

more than 8 o'clock in the morning, Dong Bing's mother-in-law went to her room to shout for her to eat, but nothing happened.

approached and saw Dong Bing lying in bed, holding his mobile phone and staring at Taobao wool products on the screen, but his body had lost its temperature.

Mother-in-law immediately dialed 120. When the doctor arrived, he confirmed that Dong Bing had died.

According to forensic identification, Dong Bing belongs to overnight mobile phone playing caused fatigue, sudden cardiogenic disease and sudden death. The husband of Dong Bing could not help choking when he saw his wife's mobile screen: she wanted to buy some wool and knit a sweater for her children.

He recalled that his wife had hyperthyroidism and had found tachycardia during physical examination, but she didn't care. She didn't have time to take her children during the day and only had time to surf the Internet at night.

A 27-year-old young man lost his life because of a small bad habit. Two young children lost their mothers.

Staying up all night is a common disease of many young people after 1990. According to the survey of China Sleep Medical Association, more than 70% of young people have the habit of staying up late.

They work hard, play and entertainment, and just to pass the time. For some mothers with babies, the reasons for staying up late are particularly sad:


"We don't stay up late, we are free."

Some full-time mothers take care of their children at home and can't eat busy meals, let alone play with mobile phones.

It's not easy for the baby to take a nap, but to do laundry, cooking and housework as soon as possible. < p > < p > Only when people are quiet at night and the whole family is asleep, can they have some free time to do what they want to do.

There are many mothers who want to make money and take care of their families, work hard during the day, and come home at night with their children sticking to their mothers. They not only need to accompany their children, but also have time to do housework.

If you want to do something else, don't stay up late, where is the time? Staying up late is bound to hurt your body. How harmful is staying up late? < p > < p > < p > Weibo netizen "Fat Official Red Willow" once exposed his own experience.

25 years old, myocardial infarction was found, accompanied by alopecia, headache, poor memory, gingival bleeding, endocrine disorders...

@Weibo netizen "fat official Hongliu"

staying up late not only makes a woman old, but also fat and ugly.

Long-term sleep deprivation, lower metabolic rate, endocrine disorders, will gradually form obesity.

and the haggard face, waxy skin, dark circles of eyes after staying up late are more obvious.

Even if you use the most expensive cosmetics and eat the most nutritious supplements, you can't make up for the harm of staying up late.

netizen @Yan Huzu exposed a group of pictures of fans staying up late and becoming ugly in Weibo, one group of which was very heartfelt.

This is a handsome 17-year-old boy.

@Weibo netizen Yan Huzu

This man who looks like a middle-aged uncle is actually only 22 years old.

@What ancestor of Weibo netizen Yan

But do you believe that they are the same person? It's only five years before and after

because he stays up late, he's over ten years old and gains tens of kilograms. It's just like two people. It's shocking.

@Yan Huzu, a Weibo netizen,

getting fat and ugly is not the most serious. Every night you spend, even like a time bomb, will explode in your body at any time. The news of sudden death from staying up late comes out every other time.

Some people carry the whole family's second-born father in middle age, some young people who work hard after 90, and some mothers who do not know how to cherish their bodies. Yesterday, a mother left a message saying that her aunt's cousin died suddenly last month after staying up late playing games for more than 20 consecutive days.

See these, do you dare stay up late?

I always hear people say: I'm young, in good health, staying up late is OK.

< p> So they overdraw their health and squander their health, ignoring the alarms their bodies send out over and over again.

until one day, suddenly fell down, and there was no chance for reflection. Where does life have so many days to come? Too many of them suddenly leave! Life often gives you no chance to regret.

Every time several girlfriends gather, everyone will joke with each other:

"Our women must take good care of their health, in case they fall tired one day, their children will be abused by their stepmother, their husbands will be robbed by other women, and tickets for the house and car at home... Give it to someone else! "

< p> Therefore, when a woman becomes a mother, she must learn to love her body for the sake of her children and herself.

Money can earn less; children can be carefully raised; life can also be simple, don't be tired, and don't let yourself be too wronged. At the beginning of the New Year, I hope all mothers can make a plan for themselves:

Stay up less, get angry less, eat junk food less, exercise more, beauty more, travel more, keep fit more... Try to make life a little more regular.

Because the world really punishes people who are not self-disciplined and do not cherish their bodies. Learn to love yourself in 2019 is the most important thing a mother should do!

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