Dad's surname is Zhou. He goes to the public security bureau to give his name to the quintuplets. After listening to the police, he says, "Wonderful, Dad is a cultural man."

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Dad's surname is Zhou. He goes to the public security bureau to give his name to the quintuplets. After listening to the police, he says, "Wonderful, Dad is a cultural man."

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Mr. Zhou is a considerate man. Since his wife became pregnant, she has been taking care of her carefully. No maternity check-up has ever fallen. She is very moved by this.

As the belly grows day by day, the wife feels that her belly is too big for others, so she goes to check it. In June of pregnancy, the doctor told her the good news: "Congratulations, you are pregnant with quintuplets." Mr. Zhou was very happy about it.

But soon Mr. Zhou became worried. What name did the five babies give them? I began to think about it from my wife's pregnancy, but I was not satisfied with choosing a lot of names, either because they didn't mean anything, or because they were not unique or tacky enough. Not long after

, quintuplets were born smoothly, and the family was immersed in joy. As soon as the baby was born, the name had not yet been decided, and the whole family mobilized, but one was bigger than the other.

Mother-in-law complained that two children are better to name, but five at a time, it's too difficult to think of names with good moral meaning. At this moment, she thought of calling fortune-teller to name, according to the child's birth, but also good for the child's fate.

For this reason, at high prices, the fortune-teller asked him to name the children, and then the fortune-teller calculated that five children were short of money, so he named them: Zhou Iridium, Zhou Ling, Zhou Kei, Zhou Xin, Zhou Yin. After hearing that, her mother-in-law felt very good, so she immediately went home and discussed with her son to use the five names.

Son listened, feeling not very ideal, highly educated, he never believed in fortune-telling set, and the five names are the beginning of the gold letters, he is more unsatisfied, for this reason to give children a name has been delayed for some time.

Seeing that his daughter is going to have a full moon, his name has not been decided yet, Mr. Zhou began to be anxious. On the day of

, there were several guests at home. Mr. Zhou and several people chattered, "Look what the name of the quintuplets is better?" A sparrow friend joked that if he wanted to do so much, he would simply call it "Southeast, Northwest and Central China". When the child grew up, he could make a table together, and one could catch a horse. "Look what you said, I don't want my daughter to grow up to be a mahjong ghost."

At this time, the children brought by relatives took his father's mobile phone and put on a nursery song, "12345 hitting tigers on the mountain". When Mr. Zhou listened, inspiration suddenly came up. Why not take the five twins as the homophonic tone of 12345 and call them Zhou Yi, Zhou Er, Zhou Shan, Zhou Shi, Zhou Shi and Zhou Wu? It is good to hear, memorize and imply. After listening to it, several people thought it was a good name. Then the family used the name. < p > < p > Every time Mr. Zhou and his family go out and proudly say their children's names in front of others, many people feel that their names are pleasant to hear, meaningful and memorable, and they can distinguish the size of their children by homophonic, and they praise them one after another. Shortly after

, Mr. Zhou went to the place where the household registration was located to register the children. When the policemen heard the name, they thumbed it up and praised the name of their father and children, which was very good, very special and implied, "Wonderful, you are really a cultural man".