Whether the child is educated or not, you can see it by taking a bus once!

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Whether the child is educated or not, you can see it by taking a bus once!

2019-03-01 15:47:13 225 ℃

On the way to pick up my daughter from school this afternoon, I met such a group of children as

three girls were sitting in special seats for the aged, the sick, the disabled and the pregnant, and the other two boys were sitting in the first row of the bus. As soon as I got on the bus, I heard them talking very loudly. One of the girls asked very loudly, "Do you know how to write Angelababy's English name?" One of the boys hesitated. The girl who asked immediately took out her book and wrote Angelababy's complete name. She held it up very high and showed off, "Oh, it's too simple to write. You're so stupid!"

Another boy was dissatisfied and deliberately provoked: "Do you know how to write Yang Yang's signature?" Although the girl can't, she still admits defeat: "Can you do it yourself? Don't you can't do it yourself. Come and test me!" The boy took out his book and scribbled a signature on it. The girl may not be sure whether the boy was right or not, so she acquiesced that he was right. But another girl suddenly got up with excitement and said, "Wrong, Wrong, you talk nonsense!" Didn't you write Yang Yang's signature like that?

So, three girls and two boys had a heated debate, and their voices had long overwhelmed the voices of the bus stop. Maybe everybody, like me, thinks they are pupils, so they don't remind them to keep their voices down, but their voices are getting louder and louder, and they are still arguing. The driver couldn't see it any more and told them, "Keep your voice down. You're too loud."

did not expect the five children to answer with one voice: "What's the matter with you!" I thought they were ill-bred to talk loudly on buses, but I didn't expect that in the face of the good reminder from bus drivers, none of them would accept it modestly.

Whether the child is educated or not can be seen from many details. Take the bus ride as an example. In addition to loud noise, there are many places to prove that children are not educated.

< p> < strong > (1) If you think you are a child, you should be obliged to give up your seat

< p> Two days ago, you met such a little boy on the bus, looking about seven or eight years old. Perhaps she always enjoys the treatment of giving up her seat. As soon as she gets on the bus, she keeps drilling into the carriage, seemingly looking for a young man, so that others think that he is a child and will give up his seat.

But it happened that the day of the fair, almost all of the bus seats were elderly people. The little boy was very unhappy and muttered, "Why are so many old people on this bus?" It's annoying that nobody gives me a seat." Everyone who heard him next to him couldn't help looking at him. It also seems very restless, one moment to carry the backpack in front, another time to carry the backpack on the back.

is a very crowded bus, and his great movement will inevitably affect the people around him. The old man sitting next to him said, "Come and sit together, my little friend. There are more people in the market today. The little boy gave the old man a lot of clothes and said, "I'm not sitting next to you. Don't get my clothes dirty." The old man was a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and said, "If you don't sit down, it's all right."

(2) Eating snacks and throwing garbage in the carriage

Speaking of snacks and throwing garbage bages in the carriage, my colleagues just told me this morning:

Yesterday, when I was riding home, some pupils who had just left school took the same bus as me. It's hard to finish a day's course. After they leave school, almost everyone buys snacks to eat on the bus. The taste of hot strips, hot and sour powder, steamed buns... All kinds of smells are so intolerable that the most important thing is that many of them like to throw rubbish at random.

There are all kinds of packing bags on the ground without walking a few stops. I couldn't bear to look at it anymore and reminded me, "Should we pay attention to public health? I'm afraid your littering is not very good. Individual children squatted down and picked up the garbage bags and pinched them in their hands, while a few children pretended not to hear them and still littered with garbage in a smart way.

Every bus is equipped with garbage cans, usually near the back door. This is undoubtedly the clearest thing for children who take buses every day after school. But many children, clearly sitting at the back door, are too lazy to move, so they have to throw the snack bags on the ground.

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(3) Just sitting in the seat, they like to pick their feet

Children are a more active group, they often play noisy or sports, etc., so their feet are particularly prone to sweating. And some children in the bus, always feel the foot this cuts, that cuts. In fact, it's not foot picking, but foot covered by shoes for a day, always feel sweaty, so when sitting down, many children feel that they take off their shoes, as comfortable as liberating their feet.

And for children who exercise a lot, foot odor becomes a natural thing. Some children in the bus, always do not consider other people's feelings, do not want to think whether such action is civilized, whether it will bring discomfort to others, but for their own temporary comfort, they take off their shoes to smoke the whole car. What's more, while freeing our feet, we should not forget to rub dirt from our nostrils directly onto the bus poles or seats. < p > < strong > (4) A person likes to occupy two seats < / strong > < / P > < p > Although how children, schoolbags become heavier and heavier, this can not be the reason why they occupy two positions. We often meet some children who like to take a seat and a seat for their schoolbags when they go to and from school by bus. This is understandable when there are fewer people in the carriage. But if there are people standing in the carriage because they have no seats, should they immediately pick up their schoolbags and make room for others?

(5) On rainy days, when the umbrella is wet, it rubs against others

Some children pay special attention to cherishing themselves, fearing that they will dirty their clothes with the umbrella in rainy days, so they begin to take the umbrella far away from themselves. Even if someone's clothes were wet, they would not take the initiative to say an apology. In addition, other children like to put their umbrellas in the next vacancy. Maybe nobody is sitting in this position at the moment, but when you put the wet umbrella on it, when someone comes up at the next stop, nobody else dares to sit. Whether or not a child is educated is always shown in some details, and the lack of educated children on buses is not just the above five! Today, I'm going to discuss this issue here. I just hope that in the future, parents will pay more attention to the cultivation of children's upbringing.